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Make coming back exciting, not exhausting

Spark Genuine Employee Excitement About Coming Back to the Office.

Powerful Insights for the Optimal Office

Get real-time insights into how your employees use your workplace and act fast to meet their needs and preferences. From mitigating capacity issues to identifying underutilized spaces, our on-demand analytics put employees at the center of your office strategy.

Connection That Transcends Physical Boundaries

Our technology unifies the digital and physical worlds to give your employees a harmonious workplace experience. From quickly booking rooms from an app to receiving personalized messages, our solutions foster connections wherever your employees choose to work.

Your Employee’s Guide to Unparalleled Productivity

With the industry’s most user-friendly guided wayfinding, your employees’ productivity is limitless. Create a smoother workplace navigation experience so your employees can quickly reach their destination and jump into their next project immediately.

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Put Employee Comfort at the Center of Your Strategy 

Help your employees build meaningful connections by understanding and optimizing how they use your space. Our powerful on-demand analytics give you the insights you need to plan accordingly and create an office that works for every employee.

  • Determine any capacity issues ahead of time

  • Spot overutilized and underutilized resources

  • Analyze hour-by-hour and day-by-day usage patterns

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Make Desk and Space Booking a Snap

Make it easy for employees to book desks and rooms wherever they choose to work. With our best-in-class workplace management tool, employees can instantly reserve spaces—like hot desks and shared spaces and get essential time back to achieve more.

  • Book space via our app, kiosks, and interactive touchscreens

  • Let employees access your workspace securely from their mobile devices

  • Manage reservations with ease in real-time or in advance

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Bridge the Physical and Digital Worlds

Create a unified employee experience with our digital signage that marries the physical and digital worlds. Give your employees the right message exactly when they need it, and build a harmonious workplace where employees feel connected.

  • Personalized messages for different employee segments

  • Full governance capabilities with varying access permissions

  • Data-driven insights on which messages resonate best

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Guide Your Employees With Ease 

Get your employees where they need to go with the industry’s most user-friendly guided wayfinding. Empower your employees to navigate your workplace easily and reach their peak productivity more smoothly and faster.

  • Live point-to-point directions

  • Interactive color mapping

  • Customized floor plans

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Build Your Office of the Future 

Accuracy matters when creating the optimal workplace, and our analytics arm you with the information you need to make faster, smarter decisions about your office real estate. Maximize every inch and build a workplace that strengthens employee productivity and connectivity.

  • Utilization rates for every shared space

  • Long-term trends

  • Integrations with enterprise-grade BI systems

Imagine a workplace that works for all employees

Let’s talk about building your office of the future.