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Space Reporting
and Planning

Build a smarter workplace with data-driven insights

Powerful Administrative Analytics That Maximizes Your Office Real Estate

On-demand analytics empower you to create a workplace that works for your employees.

Optimize Your Office

Make the most out of your office space. Our powerful analytics arm you with detailed information on how employees use your workplace so that you can make stronger decisions in real time.

Plan for Your Future

Build your ideal office of the future with on-demand analytics that compare bookings and utilization rates to inform your office planning decisions.

Prioritize Your Employees

Facilitate a comfortable return to office for every employee. With our data-driven insights, you can analyze resources and ensure that you’re meeting capacity requirements that prioritize employee well-being.

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Spot Trends Instantly

Our on-demand analytics give you a comprehensive overview of how employees use your office. With our detailed insights, you can make more informed decisions and make the most out of your office space.

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    Flag short-term and long-term trends

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    Compare bookings between individual desks and meeting rooms

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    Analyze conference room scheduling

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Let the Data Tell a Story

Know precisely how employees prefer to use your office—like coming in for face-to-face meetings on specific weekdays or booking desks in the morning as opposed to the afternoon. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you’re building the office of the future using insights gathered today?

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    Occupancy maps

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    Utilization data

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    Detailed reporting

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Empower Employees to Flow Faster

Make your employees’ lives easier—and give them some crucial time back in their days—with real-time occupancy data that shows available conference rooms, desks, meditation rooms, and more.Allow employees to easily book a space and immediately get to their flow state.

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    Intuitive booking

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    Reservation management from anywhere

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    Mobile, web, and interactive touchscreen capabilities

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Facilitate a Smoother Return to Work

As your employees head into the office to connect with their colleagues, prioritize their comfort with our on-demand analytics. Accuracy matters, and our powerful analytics give you the precision needed to maintain employee well-being.

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    See hour-by-hour usage patterns

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    Assess resource utilization

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    Avoid capacity issues

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Flex With Your Employees’ Current and Future Preferences

Position your workforce for the future by offering flexible options that enable collaboration and productivity. Preferences change over time, so use our data-driven insights to identify patterns—such as flagging that underutilized 20-person conference room and the hot desk with cityscape views that’s always booked solid.

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    On-demand analytics

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    Daily and hourly occupancy trends

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    Long-term utilization patterns


Accuracy matters when building the future workplace

Let’s talk about what space reporting and planning can do for you.