SaaS Platform Privacy Overview

This SaaS platform privacy overview (a component of our Privacy Policy) provides information about the ways in which Poppulo collects, stores, shares or keeps personal information collected in interaction with our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform (

Most visitors and users of our SaaS platform are clients or employees of Poppulo’s customers, and the data collected is hence for that customer’s use. In this sense, Poppulo is the data processor of this information, and the customer is the data controller.

Data collection

Poppulo provides customers with a platform that supports a number of internal (employee) and external (marketing) communications requirements. This platform is not part of our company website. Poppulo serves as a data processor for the customers who use these applications. As such, except where we are a customer user of our own platform, Poppulo does not control or own the information submitted to this platform. The information that is submitted to this platform is instead subject to our customer’s own privacy policies. The following information discloses how information is submitted via our platform and how we handle it for the customers who are controllers and owners of this data.

Poppulo is a leading provider of SaaS communications software. This SaaS platform privacy overview applies only to the transfer of personal information (including personally identifiable information) received by Poppulo in any format through its hosted software, whether supplied directly by Poppulo’s customers or by users or employees of Poppulo’s customers.

Data processing

Because it supplies a hosted system, Poppulo acts as a data processor for its customers, who in turn act as the data controller. Poppulo provides its customers with the option of disclosing their relationship with Poppulo, by providing notice to individual customer employees and users regarding the Poppulo technology that they use. Poppulo maintains only the personal information which its customers have asked Poppulo to process. It is the responsibility of the Poppulo customer to ensure that the data the customer collects can be legally collected in the country of origin. The Poppulo customer is responsible for giving its employees, users and other data subjects the appropriate level of notification that personal information is being collected and stored.

Poppulo will only use personal information in ways compatible with the purpose for which it was collected or authorized by our customers.

Data transfer

Poppulo is a global organization with operations in several countries and its HQ in Ireland. We have developed global data practices designed to ensure personal information is appropriately protected. Poppulo’s data center and support facilities are in the European Economic Area (EEA) and United States of America (USA). Customer data, including personal information, may be accessed by Poppulo support agents in facilities in the EEA or USA. Poppulo does not directly share, transfer or disclose personal information to other countries, and does not transfer personal information to third parties. Were such a transfer to be considered, Poppulo will ensure that such party has agreed to abide by the principles of Poppulo’s privacy policy and can assure adequate protection of personal information relative to the data protection legislation applicable to personal information of the data subject.

Data access

In most cases, when Poppulo collects personal information, it does so (as data processor) on behalf of another company (the data controller). To request access to, correction, amendment or deletion of this personal information, a user or data subject should contact the company to which the personal information or data was provided. If you are unsure who this (the data controller) might be, please contact our Data Protection Officer – whose contact details are listed in the data privacy policy, and who can assist in redirecting your query.

Data protection oversight

Poppulo has a Data Protection Officer who is responsible for Poppulo’s enforcement of this policy, and compliance with applicable data protection laws. Poppulo’s Data Protection Officer is available to any of its employees, customers, vendors, partners, or data subjects who may have questions concerning this policy or Poppulo’s data protection practices. Any questions, comments or complaints about the data protection practices (including compliance with data privacy principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, access, security, data integrity, or enforcement) of a hosted software customer for which Poppulo processes data should be initially addressed to that customer. Poppulo and Poppulo’s Data Protection Officer cooperates with the applicable data protection authorities.

Data privacy Saas overview changes

Poppulo will maintain personal information in accordance with this SaaS platform privacy overview. If Poppulo decides to change our privacy policy (including this SaaS platform privacy overview), Poppulo will post the changes on this page so our customers and/or their employees and users are aware of what personal information is processed by Poppulo, how it uses it, and under what circumstances, if any, Poppulo discloses it. If at any point Poppulo decides to retain or use personal information in a different manner, it will notify its customers by way of email or by posting a notice on this website at least 30 days prior to the change in use. Customers, in turn, are responsible for their users and data subjects, and to provide them a choice as to whether or not Poppulo uses their personal information in this revised manner.

Last updated: September 2017