Return on Investment Calculator

This calculator simulates the potential ROI available to you by maximizing your employee communications with Poppulo.

Question 1

How many employees are in your company/organization?

How Many Employees are in your organization?
Question 2

What is the average hourly salary for your internal communications employees (in USD)?

Average Hourly Salary for Internal Communications Employees (in US Dollars)
Question 3

How many employees directly work on creating, or collecting information, for employee communications?

How many employees directly work on creating employee communications or collecting information for communications?
Question 4

How many employee communications campaigns are sent out per month?

How many employee communications campaigns do you send out per month?

Your Estimated ROI:

That's what you can look forward to over three years when you invest in Poppulo.

* Net present value (NPV) is the value of projected cash flows, discounted to the present. The NPV method is used to evaluate current or potential investments and allows you to calculate the ROI you can expect to receive.
** ROI assumptions are indicative, so we would love to help you reach a more rigorous assessment of the returns Poppulo can deliver.

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