Improve communications with precise insights into content performance.

Poppulo Cross Channel Analytics makes it easy for you to get a clear picture of the overall performance and impact of your content across digital channels.

Demonstrate the business value of your communications.

Elevate the value of IC by using data to improve engagement, drive change and prove effectiveness. Move beyond page views, visitors and clicks to demonstrating reach and outcomes that prove business value.

  • Understand how overall engagement levels with your messaging are changing over time.
  • Find out if results are improving or need attention.
  • Find out precisely who is and isn’t engaging with important communications and take appropriate action.
  • Prove value to get greater influence, budget and resources by bringing meaningful numbers to the C-suite and senior leaders.
  • Show how comms are performing and impacting key goals.

Make measurement easy and save time with reports designed specially for IC.

Easy-to-use dashboards make reporting a breeze across channels and campaigns.

Reports designed so you get the reports you need right out of the box.

Get a fuller picture of comms performance with our system that easily integrates with your internal systems to provide better employee insights.

One easy-to-use tool to measure across your main digital channels; saving time, money, and effort. No more compiling everything in messy spreadsheets. Instead, you can focus on what to do with the insights.

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