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IABC Conference Preview 2016

3 things I’m looking forward to at this year’s World Conference

The theme for this year’s IABC Conference is RISE: Innovating Global Communication.

With that in mind, here are three questions that I’ll be trying to answer at the conference:

1. What is the ‘next big thing’?

How is innovation changing the landscape of communications?

Innovation inevitably means change. With limited budget and resources, how do communicators know which change(s) to prioritize?

A quick look through the IABC agenda highlights a number of recurring topics that corporate communicators should be aware of.


While telling stories is a tale as old as time (pardon the pun), the conscious effort of communicators to craft messages that take the form of a ‘story’ continues to grow in popularity. Rob Biesenbach’s talk on ‘Unleashing the power of storytelling’ should be particularly entertaining.


Today’s innovation largely takes the form of new technologies. The scheduled panel discussion (New and emerging technologies that will affect your job) will cover the advent of mobile streaming, messaging and Virtual Reality (VR). Look out for our post-event blog to see what technologies are on-the-up.


The global gaming industry is worth almost $100 billion (Fortune Magazine, 2015). As communicators, the ability to use a game or activity in order to engage our audience is powerful. Much of gamification theory revolves around motivating participation by offering attainable goals, public recognition and a shared purpose. These principles have obvious applications as we aim to encourage participation and interactivity with communications.

Jim Coleman’s talk on enterprise gamification should be thought-provoking.

Check out our recent blog post on the role of gamification in engaging employees.

2. How to lead a remote and diverse workforce?

The importance and role of leadership communications

With a growing trend towards remote workers, how do leaders maintain their relevance and visibility with their teams?

Thought leader David Grossman will speak about the importance of authenticity in leaders with a focus on ways that leaders can establish trust and subsequently boost engagement.

Celine Schillinger will also explore the role of communicators as leaders in this era of disruption. By embracing disruption, communicators can become a key part of any organizational transformation, helping to embed IC as an invaluable strategic partner.

View our on-demand webinar with David Grossman to hear his take on the top mistakes that communicators make.

3. With so much changing, what will remain the same?

As a communicator, what can you rely on?

In a world of constant change, we need stability in order to make plans and predict outcomes. How do communicators know what to rely on and what to phase out?

The principal constant in business communications is email. While often misused, email remains the most powerful tool available to us so it’s important that the channel is not discounted. Without it, we are reliant on channels and tools that simply do not enjoy the same level of penetration. I’m looking forward to testing this theory out and hearing from delegates on their views.

The IABC World Conference (#IABC16) is taking place from June 5th to June 8th in New Orleans (Hilton New Orleans Riverside). If you’re attending the conference, call into the Newsweaver stand located in The Hub at booths 113 & 115.

Don’t miss our very own Eric Shealy who will be presenting (Wednesday June 8th, Salon 15 & 18, 10am) on ways to boost your employee engagement using digital best practice.

Stay tuned to our blog and Twitter account for updates and highlights from this conference and other leading IC events throughout the summer.


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