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A roundup of learnings and insights from Smileexpo 2017

I always look forward to attending a simply event, and this year’s Smileexpo did not disappoint. Along with lots of networking, there’s always a look at the latest buzz generators in the digital workplace space.

There were over a dozen workshops (Including Poppulo’s “Rockin’ the C-suite” – where we showed attendees how to build and execute a strategic multi-channel communications campaign that produced measurable business impact).

I’ve pulled together a roundup of insights from other attendees – and lots of links for further reading:

Smile’s Alison Boothby (@AlisonBoothby) – reported on the day here. Alan Oram (@AlanHasIdeas) from @AlivewithIdeas presented The Elements of IC . It’s a creative take on the Periodic Table of scientific elements – but applied to Internal Communication. (co-created with @ChuckGose). It’s a terrific tool to help you create a comms strategy and incorporate ‘elements’ of internal communications that will help you build engagement.

Alison mentions Jonathan Phillips (@DigitalJonathan) session around social amplification. Sometimes referred to as employee advocacy applications, they’re designed to give employees ready access to the company’s social output, including Twitter and Facebook, and then make it easy for them to share those updates with their own social networks. If this intrigues you, read more here – and view Jonathan’s slides here.

Smileexpo Poppulo
Unveiling our brand new Poppulo stand for the first time. Thanks to everyone who dropped by.

Sharon O’Dea (@sharonodea) ran a workshop around the hot topic of using chat bots (messaging apps) to improve the employee experience. Sharon writes that Chat bots can help employees by being the bridge between systems designed by IT and those desired by humans. “Many of us are familiar with feature-packed and overly complicated enterprise software, find bots can help to navigate this minefield, simplifying everyday tasks and improving useful output. These conversational interfaces have huge potential to deliver value inside the enterprise to transform the experience for employees.” Sharon’s blog about her talk is here.

Rachel Miller (@AllThingsIC) picked 7 things she learned at smileexpo. One of them was “Enterprise Social Networks can reveal hidden stars” – gleaned from the Workplace by Facebook presentation (You can view Facebook’s presentation here). Helen Deverell (@HelenDeverell) wrote up the day here. Helen posted two facts that highlight why many communicators feel digital innovation is essential in order to reach and engage today’s employees: 1) by 2020 millennials will make up 50% of the workplace. 2) The average person looks at their phone 150 times a day, which is equivalent to 240 minutes per day and 96 seconds per interaction. Jenni Field (@MrsJenniField) has very strong views on what channels millennials will use – or supposedly not use, among other expo observations. Lisa Pantelli (@LisaPantelli) says “the intranet is not dead” and “the Employee Voice is cementing itself as a priority within communications” – more on that here. Katie Marlow (@ktmarlow) writes about the sessions she attended, including How to Manage your ESN Project – here’s her blog.


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