AB InBev centralize Internal Communications

AB InBev Europe has 16,000 employees, seven different languages – across 13 countries.  What’s their secret to successfully engaging such a diverse workforce?  

At Newsweaver’s recent customer day in London I had the opportunity to hear our customers share their employee engagement success stories with attendees.

AB InBev’s Melinda Illes, Internal Communications Coordinator for Europe, was one of the customers. AB InBev’s challenge is one that will resonate with a lot of internal communicators: successfully reaching and connecting with a very diverse workforce.
Melinda laid out the specifics of their workforce to us – dispersed across multiple regions, cultures and languages – and employees receiving too many communications in the inbox. Melinda then took us through the steps her team took to create internal communications that inspire engagement.

First step: connects with employees across multiple regions and languages

The first step was to create one communication center in charge of sending out all internal communications across Europe.  The central team manages the flow of emails, and ensures employees only receive the communications they need to – personalized to their job, location and language.  Melinda said this has resulted in decreased messaging – and increased relevance. The team had high impact, branded templates designed to give a consistent look and feel to their email. The design is responsive and can be consumed on any device – from desktop to tablet.

AB InBev use data to define employee groups and target content to each employee.  This means content is only sent to employees if it is timely, relevant and targeted to their needs. Content targeting has resulted in a decrease in communications in the inbox – and huge increase in the relevance of the communications that do arrive in the inbox. To further up the engagement stakes – AB InBev translates content into five languages – so that employees receive the information in their native language.

AB InBev can now measure and improve on their success

With Newsweaver’s real-time metrics dashboard, Melinda says their team can review and analyze results from their communications. This is an essential element in improving on engagement going forward. They use the insight for editorial guidance. Also, they breakdown the results by employee groups and regions to get a view across the organization. The central IC team can share this insight with relevant stakeholders across Europe.

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