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Best practice employee communications content – top Poppulo performers


 — August 2nd, 2017

Best practice employee communications content – top Poppulo performers

There isn’t nearly enough time to read a fraction of what you need or want to know nowadays, is there? One of the worst things about it is you know there is so much useful information and insight out there that could make a huge difference to your work if only you had time to find it.

We know all about it because we come up against it all the time. So we asked what could we do to make it easier for anybody working in employee communications to get really relevant and useful insights quickly and with minimum effort? The type of content your colleagues and peers all over the world are searching for every day.

We produce a lot of best practice content here at Poppulo and we know from feedback how useful it is to people involved in employee communication at all levels, and that means right up to the C-suite. So we’ve compiled a list of the most popular, top-performing content over the past year, with links for you to download here.

With the heightened acceptance of the importance of measurement, it really didn’t come as any surprise that one of our most sought-after pieces of content was our white paper commissioned from measurement guru Angela Sinickas, The ultimate guide to measuring internal communications.

Because we knew that so many internal communicators found measurement difficult we wanted this guide to be highly accessible, easy to understand and that it would help take the pain out of measurement. Its popularity proves that it ticked all those boxes, and more.

Our webinars, which attract top-drawer presenters and are free of charge, continue to be extraordinarily popular. One of largest sign-ups over the past year was for Rob Biesenbach’s Unleash the power of corporate storytelling and if you want a quick taste of what that was like simply check out our 12 Top Tips & Insights for great storytelling, which we developed from the webinar.

Rob’s presentation was earlier this year and more recently we had a phenomenal response to Priya Bates webinar on the subject Time for Change - a communicator's role in change programs. It's an area of special expertise for Priya and one of immeasurable importance for business leaders since poor communication is one of the proven main reasons for change management failure. For a quick fix on Priya's presentation, you can download Change management plans - Top Tips & Insights for internal communicators.

Another webinar that really captured the imagination and racked up the participation and download numbers was: Newsgathering Techniques - The Rise of the Corporate Newsroom memorably presented by James Curtis and Abigail Levene of Stampa Communications. For the time-poor, we again have Top Tips for Creating a Corporate Newsroom.

While ‘The Ultimate Guide to internal communication measurement’ has consistently hovered around top spot in our most popular white papers with IC professionals around the globe, never far away, nipping at its heels, has been Delivering Effective Internal Communication.

As its title suggests, it serves up best practice advice and techniques for effective communication strategies to deliver more engaging and effective internal communications within the workplace - from how IC fits into organizations today to the value of sharing results with stakeholders, and everything in between.

In addition to webinars, whitepapers, and Top Tips, our How To guides generate some of our most in-demand content. Top of the league this year has been How to create a corporate culture and get great results, which does what it says on the tin, and another top performer has been Internal communications planning:3 steps to increasing employee engagement.

Well, that’s a lot of top-performing content packed into a short few paragraphs. We hope you find it useful.

And if you do, we'd be delighted if you shared it!

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