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Tackling that internal mass messaging mess

What are the culprits behind inbox overload? Silos and a lack of governance. Together they lead to duplication, ad hoc, cross-over, misinformation and overloading of corporate messaging. This really does numb employees to your communications and lowers interest and engagement.

This mass messaging mess most often happens when there isn’t a central internal communications function to manage traffic flow, or a company is experiencing huge growth without governance in place, or employees spread across time zones, regions and countries.

If you are in this position, no matter what size your organization is, you may have wondered how others have tackled and overcome this problem. If so, you’ll want to join me in my next webinar Wednesday, January 27th at 11:30am EST / 4:30pm GMT.

I’ve invited Newsweaver customer Melissa Farrington, Global Internal Communications Portal Manager at Johnson Controls, Inc. Melissa is sharing her journey of moving more than ten disparate mass email messaging systems in her organization – all without monitoring capabilities – to one enterprise solution (less than twelve months ago).

Johnson Controls is a large organization, with over 170,000 employees, in 150 countries — across 1,300 locations. But Melissa’s learnings and implementations will apply to any internal communicator facing the problems of inbox clutter. She has insights and tips that you can take away and apply to make your internal communications more impactful and engaging.


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