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Best Practice Advice and Tips on Building Employee Apps

Emma HanleyEmma Hanley·
Tips on Building Employee Apps

Ciara recently participated in a webinar with me and demonstrated the 5 steps required to achieve success in using employee apps within internal communications.

Ciara O’Keeffe, VP of Product and Customer Delivery, StaffConnect is a digital communications leader, speaker and judge with experience within Internal Communication roles at L’Oréal and Diageo and launching Employee Apps at a number of large companies.

Listeners can see  the potential for Internal Communication apps particularly to reach non-desk employees b often don’t know where to start or how to get buy-in and budget. Here are some of the questions posed on the day.

In terms of security, while only those who login have access, once the app is opened on the phone, it can be seen by anyone looking at the mobile device when it’s used, and, of course, the login info could be shared, correct?

Yes, just like looking at anything on a phone – someone could look over your shoulder and see your screen. Also correct, a user can share log-in information, this is the same for any app or email account. Google, Twitter and Facebook have some version of sponsored ads or prioritized ads. How does one get that same advantage in an app store to make sure your app appears first when one searches using a specific criteria?

While you can’t pay Apple or Google to promote your employee app there are a few things you can do to make it easier for your employees to find it:

  1. Give it a name, which isn’t very common. That way when employees search for it, it will appear at the top of the results
  2. Deploy the app, in the Apple App Store, using the VPP method. This is like having a private app store in Apple’s App Store, which you can direct your employees to in order for them to access the app
  3. Very simply send a direct link, to your employees, to the apps on both App Stores so your employees don’t need to search

What’s the benefits/disadvantages of desks apps of Internal Comms versus mobile apps

  • Access for employees who don’t have a desktop, such as all non-desk employees
  • Easy and immediate access to content and functionality on the go
  • Ability to take a picture and/or video on your phone and upload it directly to the platform – not so easy for desktop apps

Some disadvantages could be;

  • Mobile apps need to be a lot simpler than desktop apps as the real estate you have to work with is a lot smaller
  • Employees could refuse to use their own devices for business apps

Watch the on demand webinar now and find out more tips and best practice advice on employee apps for internal communication

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