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Change Management | Newsweaver IC Conference

Change management can often be viewed as a negative by employees in many organizations.

Inge Maes, who is leading the SAP implementation at Cargill, showed conference delegates how it doesn’t have to be either negative or dull. Inge shared examples that used fun initiatives that made the organization’s change management initiatives engaging for employees.

Key takeaways:

  • People will always have an emotional response to change; you need to address potential responses early in the change process to keep employees at ease
  • Employees want to be convinced about the value of change; they want to know what in the change applies to them and what it means for them personally
  • When approaching change, consider the following:
    • Determine who the internal groups are and who sits within them i.e. early adopters, etc.
    • What is the most effective way to communicate with the different groups
    • Identify the expectations of each group and how they will react to change

View Inge’s slides here:


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