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Create Safer, More Connected Offices & Improve Office Resource Utilization


 — August 14th, 2021

Create Safer, More Connected Offices & Improve Office Resource Utilization

The pandemic has not only changed how we use shared office resources like conference rooms, desk space, and common areas, it has changed how businesses are thinking about how they will size their commercial real estate needs for the foreseeable future. For many companies, the days of providing dedicated desk space to every employee and having fully utilized conference room resources are done—and so are the days of not having a data-driven understanding of how to size office space needs.

[Poppulo] offers a comprehensive set of workplace management tools, allowing you to book meeting rooms or desk space through mobile, web, and interactive digital signage—giving your people the flexibility they need to more effectively use your office space.

  • Meeting room space management
  • Hot-desking & hoteling
  • Administration capabilities for fixed desk management
  • Blue Dot mobile wayfinding
  • Touchless check-in via QR or integrated building sensors
  • Catering resource management

Our Workplace Management Solution

Give your employees control over where they work, without sacrificing safe social distancing practices—all while gaining the space utilization metrics you need to control real estate costs moving forward. Our platform consists of:

Smart Sensor Technology

Our software sensors sit within your IT network, making it quick to deploy and easy to maintain, providing access to valuable space utilization metrics. For enhanced analytics such as air quality, movement, humidity and full occupancy analysis, we can combine physical sensors to create a more robust data pool and deliver even more value to your business.

Intuitive Mobile Application

Our powerful mobile application puts real-time resource booking and point-to-point wayfinding capabilities in the hands of your people, plus feeds those booking statistics back to your team. With an easy-to-use interface, these benefits can be made available to your employees without the need for training.

Powerful Data Analytics

By providing integrated, real-time space usage reporting and analytics in one place, you can more easily shift your space planning to meet today’s evolving office needs while also gaining the insight you need to optimize your office space for the future.

Advanced Administration Tools

Our web-based portal gives you access to advanced administration capabilities, including the ability to book spaces on behalf of other users, organize catering, track space utilization, configure social distancing guidelines, and more.

Flexible Resource Booking

Enable omnichannel resource booking capabilities to give your employees the flexibility to book desks or meeting rooms via their mobile device, an integrated digital sign, or a powerful web portal.

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