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Creating email newsletters employees love to get


 — August 20th, 2015

Creating email newsletters employees love to get

Over 60% of organizations regularly send employee newsletters, however it’s safe to say most of them are serving as a dumping ground for everything. A monthly batch-and-blast to ‘all employees’. This style of newsletter contributes to inbox clutter – and is generally ignored by employees.

What are the elements of a good email employee newsletter that your employees value?

Good employee newsletters provide a line-of-sight across the organization. The information they receive is relevant and keeps them informed about the organization. It provides clarity around changes or other initiatives. The content gives them the tools and information they need for job productivity.

The very best newsletters consolidate and target messages and help declutter the inbox - which employees absolutely love and appreciate!

3 Ways to Make Your Employee Communications World-Class

Here are three tips that will help you turn your employee newsletter into one of the top tools for employee engagement:

  1. Accessible any place, anytime - on any device

In the digital age you want to remove all barriers to accessing your newsletter. Design your template for high-impact to stand out in the inbox, and is easy to scan, navigate and click. Most importantly offer employees the flexibility to securely view newsletters at their workstation, on a tablet or Smartphone.

  1. Let them choose to read, listen or view your content

My suggestion to you here is to think beyond the written word.

The way we engage today is more 3D than 1D, and your newsletter should reflect this. ‘Traditional’ written articles still have a place in email newsletters, absolutely, but you now have the ability to offer your content in many different formats – increasing your chance of capturing attention and engagement. Offer a rich visual and audio experience. You can do this by embedding videos, podcasts, photos, webinars, recorded events, graphs, etc. It is also helpful to have a creative employee newsletter name.

One more tip about content: Cater to the always-on workforce by offering messaging and direct links to content that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime on any device.

  1. You measure and improve with every newsletter you send

By measuring your campaigns you have the ability to transform your newsletter into an effective, engaging communication tool. If you’ve not had access to email metrics before, you’ll be amazed at the insight at your fingertips when you use the right email technology. Opens and clicks are just the beginning. You’ll have access to real-time metrics: campaign metrics, platform metrics, content metrics, social engagement metrics, survey metrics, enterprise-wide metrics, to name just a few.

The insight you gain from metrics will provide editorial guidance going forward, allow you to increase engagement - and also prove business value to your stakeholders.

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