Cross-Channel Analytics: The Story to Date…

In dealing with customers, we heard the same thing over and over again:

‘We love Newsweaver’s email product and its measurement capability but it’s just a shame that we don’t have the same insight across our other channels’

Some customers might have had free or out of the box analytics on their SharePoint Intranet, offering limited insights. Others would have to go through their IT teams to get any kind of measurement data. But ultimately there was no actionable data readily available to communicators.

That got the wheels spinning here at Newsweaver and out of that we had our light bulb moment and the idea for Cross-Channel Analytics was born.

We started by looking at the main channels being used across the internal communications sector with our research showed that email, intranet, ESN and video were the top digital channels and so our product roadmap began to populate itself.

It quickly became apparent that we could achieve much more than just saving time and effort in collecting data. We could actually equip communicators with the data and insight needed to prove the true value and impact of their work in their organisations. This, in turn, raises the profile of the communications function and, ultimately, helps to give IC the seat at the leadership table that they deserve.

We were confident that we could help to address the problem and we began working on bringing our conceptual solution to market. There were a few streams to this:

  1. Bringing channels together

With a wealth of measurement available to our email customers already, we set up a feed to bring data from Newsweaver Internal Connect into the centralized Analytics reporting application. We also developed a data collector to sit on SharePoint Intranets in order to capture employee behaviour on the SharePoint Intranets. Together, these combined to give communicators an holistic, out of the box, global reporting view across the main digital channels within an organisation.

  1. A single view of all employees

By integrating with HR data (i.e. Active Directory), Newsweaver Analytics has the ability to segment communications data by employee group. What insights does this unlock for communicators?

  • Understand the reach of IC at an organisational level, how many employees are you reaching on your main digital channels on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis?
  • Understand the reach of your communications by department: i.e. how engaged are the Finance department versus Operations? Similarly, how engaged are employees in North America versus their peers in EMEA?
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your channels across employee audiences – i.e. see if email is a good way to target those working in manufacturing. Does it make more sense to target content at Canadian employees via the Intranet?
  • Identify areas where engagement is not at the level expected or desired and develop communications plans to specifically address those areas of the organisation.
  1. Cross-Channel digital campaigns made easy

Communicators are often tasked with owning global communications campaigns – this could range from the rollout of a change management program to the announcement of financial results to updates on a potential merger. Typically these campaigns involve multiple digital channels. An email might introduce the campaign with more details available on the Intranet.  
We developed cross digital channel campaign functionality that allows communicators to associate both email and Intranet content with a Newsweaver Analytics campaign and report on that campaign right out of the box. This means that internal comms can quickly and easily see the reach of a campaign across all channels, identify where in the organisation the campaign is landing well and, if required, change approach mid-campaign, based on the campaign metrics, to achieve their campaign goals.  No more pulling campaign data from multiple disparate sources and having to manually match up dates, times and data points as you try to produce a cohesive campaign report for your stakeholders.

Over the past few months, all these streams have come together and can now be found living together in our new Cross-Channel Analytics product.

It’s been an exciting, challenging, difficult but very rewarding journey so far and we are just getting started as plan on continuing to roll out additional features and functionality that we believe will help solve the challenges that internal communications teams face every day. And we here at Newsweaver can’t wait to see this product act as a catalyst for greater recognition of the IC function as a vital strategic partner in organisations.

Stay tuned for a follow up blog post where we’ll be looking at what the future holds for analytics and data…

Have you seen Cross-Channel Analytics in action? Why not take a self-led interactive demo today?


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