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Delivering Harmony: Product Highlights From the First Half of 2023


 — July 11th, 2023

Delivering Harmony: Product Highlights From the First Half of 2023

At Poppulo, we’re all about helping our customers achieve more in harmony. Harmony, after all, is the feeling that effective communications inspire—it allows people and organizations to move in the same direction, removing the friction that gets in the way of achieving audacious goals. And you wouldn’t be reading this blog post if you didn’t care about achieving audacious goals.

Harmony is also, not coincidentally, the name of our new platform, which we unveiled to customers at our annual Forward user conference last November. The Poppulo Harmony platform is the world’s first communications experience platform, uniting multiple communications channels in one content creation and publishing experience backed by enterprise-grade governance and intelligent analytics. As we continue to build on our platform, I’m delighted to welcome you to our first product roundup article where we’ll be highlighting innovations from the first half of 2023.

As we continue to build on our platform, a huge investment area for us is making our customers’ lives easier. This includes focusing on new ways to:

  • Optimize your workflows and improve your day-to-day experience working within Poppulo Harmony
  • Drive adoption, engagement, and improved experiences for your employees and customers
  • Measure the impact of your efforts, with greater intelligence
  • Extend the reach and impact of third-party content
  • Improve performance and scale so our solution grows with your needs

Here are some of the exciting enhancements we’ve watched come to life in the first half of the year.

Want to See These Features Yourself?

Create One Post, Publish to All Your Important Places—Now With Targeted Digital Signage

With Poppulo Harmony Feeds, communicators can create content once and publish it to multiple locations—including mobile, intranet, and collaboration tools. Earlier this year, we added digital signage as a Feeds channel to make extending personalized content to onsite audiences more seamless.

To illustrate how this comes to life, imagine you’re sending a note to the North America sales team from the CEO thanking them for an outstanding quarter. Simply apply job role and location targeting as you normally would in Feeds and your message will be received across all channels, including the digital signs near where the sales team sits in the office. You can then rotate that content within a digital signage playlist that highlights major wins, dashboards showing progress to targets, employee birthdays, onsite events, weather and traffic reports, and more.

This feature also helps you efficiently reach deskless employees who may not have access to a device onsite. Mixing targeted corporate communications with local messages allows you to share content this audience will care about without requiring you to navigate multiple tools or duplicate content.

Configurable app templates known as Appmakers make it easy to customize how your sign will look to reflect your company brand, allowing you to select how many articles to display, colors, and fonts.

Achieve More With Advanced Email Analytics

Analytics have always been a highlight for Poppulo users. This year, we’ve made them even better with the addition of new dashboards that go beyond opens and clicks to help you answer key questions like:

  • Are we sending too many emails or under-communicating?
  • Which departments aren’t engaging with emails—and why?
  • What are our top 10 best performing emails this month?
  • What is the best day and time to send an email for maximum engagement?

These reports help you understand the impact of your communications at a summary view for quick insights, and at a detailed level to see trends over time. So you can quickly and confidently share performance insights with business partners and leaders and showcase the value of your communications program to your organization.

Say Hello to Automatic Language Translation for Feeds

Hola! Olá! Hallo! Bonjour! Automatic language translation for Feeds makes it easy to enable employees to read your communications in their language of choice for better resonance. This feature is now available across all Poppulo Harmony Feeds channels, including mobile, Teams, and SharePoint. Our translations are powered by Amazon Translate, a service that uses machine learning to become smarter over time, allowing you to provide high-quality translations without manual effort. By automating translation, you can also cut back on the cost and turnaround time of outsourced translation services.

Poppulo Harmony Mobile Experience Enhancements

The Poppulo Harmony mobile app helps communicators reach on-the-go employees with personalized content, whether they’re working on the frontline or commuting to an office. We’ve introduced numerous enhancements to the mobile experience this year. These updates enable greater content flexibility for communicators and introduce familiar social engagement features for employees to help drive mobile app adoption and engagement.

New features include:

  • Automatic Language Translation: Allow employees to consume content in their language of preference for greater understanding, resonance, and connection with no added effort or cost to the communicator.
  • Multiple Images Per Post: Add up to six images (or one video and five images) per post to drive engagement and understanding through visuals.
  • Badge Notifications: Badge notifications alert employees when a new post is available to read within the Poppulo Harmony mobile app, helping to increase readership and engagement. Employees can configure notification preferences within their system settings.

Harmony Digital Signage Experience Enhancements

Throughout the first half of the year, we’ve released a series of workflow enhancements for digital signage so you can work faster and get more done. Enhancements include:

Delete Multiple Cloud Channels

Your workflow just got easier. Delete multiple cloud channels at the same time within our digital signage solution.

Fullscreen Media Preview in Tables

You can more easily visualize digital signs and correct potential errors prior to publishing with Fullscreen Media Preview in Tables.

UX Improvements for Columns in Tables

Within our digital signage admin center, you can now add descriptions to columns and mark columns required to complete. This allows you to better enable content contributors across your organization with more context on what needs to be added to signs. Better governance, more accuracy. What could be better?

No End Date for Content Items in Playlists

Tired of setting reminders to get your signage content within playlists to run indefinitely? You can now toggle on “No End Date” for content items in Playlists.

See Devices Without a Channel

Digital signage users will now be alerted to which devices don’t currently have a channel assigned within the Channels module, to simplify their workflow. This will eliminate confusion in determining which devices may already be assigned to another channel.

Engage—Data Visualization App

Pre-built digital signage applications provide a way for communicators to be more efficient with their time. Engage, our suite of pre-built digital signage applications for employee communications, helps customers amplify important announcements and messages, while also enabling their employees to foster deeper connections. We’ve introduced a new app, Engage—Data Visualization, which helps customers use real-time data from tools such as PowerBI or Salesforce, to display important KPIs to drive productivity within the office.

If you’re a Poppulo Harmony user looking to learn more about these features or upcoming releases, please contact your customer success manager.

Want to learn more about the Poppulo Harmony platform? Schedule time with our team by contacting us.

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