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How easyJet engages a mobile workforce with employee communications


 — September 1st, 2014

How easyJet engages a mobile workforce with employee communications

So how is easyJet achieving successful employee engagement?

One of the best parts of my job is working with our customers. I got to chat to Den Carter, Internal Communications Channels Manager for easyJet at our recent customer day in London.

It's one thing for me to talk about how powerful good communications are – and how the email technology available today can help deliver internal communications that really do engage.

It's quite another to get to talk to those on 'the inside' – and hear first hand how they are achieving engagement and measurable results with their employee communications.

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Engaging a diverse workforce is easyJet's top challenge

easyJet has over 10,000 employees dispersed across Europe – 85% without access to a computer. Den says every employee must be aligned with their business strategy.

"By understanding the business strategy, our employees can go out and deliver that business strategy to our customers, which ultimately enhances customer service and therefore increases the amount of money the company makes. There’s a direct link between Internal Communication in our company, and the profitably and success of the airlines over all."

Here are a few examples of how easyJet use the Poppulo platform to communicate the same information to very different audiences:

  • Templates designed for any device: The email communications can always be consumed on any device - from desktop to smartphone.
  • A ‘print-friendly’ option: Employees can view the newsletter in a print-friendly format in order to be able to print off and read offline at their convenience. (The Poppulo platform automatically transforms newsletter into version formatted for printing.)
  • A weekly CEO podcast delivered to the inbox: This 'one version of the truth' podcast by easyJet's CEO is embedded into an email and pushed out to every single employees - and can be accessed any time of day or night.
  • Embedded videos: easyJet embed videos, which have proven to be eye-catching story telling tools - and extremely popular with employees.
  • Content tailored and targeted to each employee: The communications are crafted to cascade information from HQ, as well as regional and departmental news relevant to each employee.

Insight and measurement

With access to Poppulo's real-time metrics, easyJet is able to track opens, clicks, views and downloads, as well as metrics such as content popularity, destination traffic and device consumption.

They also can benchmark and trend across the organization to get a real understanding over time of their employee engagement with their communications.

It is clear that using a combination of a smart Internal Communication strategy, plus Poppulo's email technology, easyJet are able to tackle their communication challenges head on.

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