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Effective Intranets employees love to use? Yes, it is possible.

Whether creating, launching, rebooting or driving awareness and adoption – The Intranet is always on our mind. What is the magic formula for an effective intranet? One that employees love to use?

Intranets remain essential within an organization. In our recent report, Newsweaver/Melcrum’s ‘IC and Technology’ survey 2014, it emerged that intranets are the most used communication channel –  93% of communicators use them. (Followed closely by the email channel at 90%.) BUT effective intranets are still elusive to communicators. In that same survey, email was No. 1 at 83%. Intranets were No. 2 –  but only 48% found them effective. Part of the problem lies in this finding: 68% are not satisfied with their ability to measure the effectiveness of their internal communications. If you can’t measure, you can’t improve.

Webinar: Effective Intranets – 7 insights that will help improve yours

Wherever you are on the intranet cycle, you’ll be interested in attending my next webinar. My guest is Brian Lamb, the co-founder of the Intranet Now un/conference coming up 2nd September in London. Intranets are Brian’s passion, and he has a wealth of experience in content management and web services with both government and private sector organizations, including Boots, BBC, HSBC, Atlas Copco, and Rolls Royce. We’re going to discuss seven key insights that will help you build, launch and/or maintain an effective intranet that employees simply love to use.

Plus, I’m going to show you how to take a multichannel approach in driving the awareness and adoption of your intranet, by using your email communication channel. I’ll include case studies from Vodafone, Sovereign Housing and Aon Hewitt.


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