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Effective Use of Apps For Managing Remote Employees

Over 70% of today’s workforce no longer work at a desk. What does this mean for organizations who want to have an engaged workforce but struggle to communicate with their remote, disconnected employees?

It means communicators must have a multi-channel approach to their communications for managing remote employees, and one such form of communication can be through an employee app. In one of my recent webinars with Martin Böhringer, CEO and co-founder of Staffbase, we discussed how to effectively facilitate an employee app for IC.

With over 1,400 registered for the webinar, there were many questions posed by the audience. I have highlighted some of the most popular questions below to help you enhance your internal comms and help with managing remote employees.

Q. Our company has almost 20,000 employees and hundreds of locations. How do you recommend getting ‘local’ content for a company that is that disconnected?

A. Is there already a process to tailor local content, or is there an infrastructure in place such as an IC team responsible for internal comms? If not, you should have local editors, these people know what’s going on and can easily understand and learn the interests of their colleagues.

Q. I am just starting to evaluate different employee app providers. What are the top 2 things to look for and what differentiates you from other providers?

A. Scalability is really important, you would envision that the app would grow, and that the feature functionality will enhance over time, therefore choose a standard product that can be customized to fulfill your needs and is scalable overtime.

Number 2 is pricing. You will have to work within your budget but ensure that you evaluate your needs before you buy.

Number 3 is customer service. Most customers want the supplier to be able to support their content and best practice requests but some providers only offer the technology. Be clear on your requirements and what the supplier can offer to ensure you get the most from your purchase.

Q. What about global companies and sharing data? Our company is global, based in US, and typically there are many laws with how Germany and France share information outside of their country’s (data privacy laws).

A. Depending on the app provider, companies can choose to host their information on specified servers around the globe. However you would need to discuss this directly with your app provider.

Q. Is up-keeping an app like this a full time role for someone?

A. Not necessarily. It all depends on what you are planning to do/communicate/bring into the app. If you you have different locations you should go for local editors, or generally spread the workload to several people – there are different rights and roles within the many apps.

Listen to the webinar on the effective use of apps to reach your non-desk workers.


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