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Your power tool – email employee newsletters


 — April 2nd, 2014

Your power tool – email employee newsletters

In this free webinar I'm going to ignite your enthusiasm for an internal communication tool that is most likely already a part of your communication tactics. In our recent survey over 75% of communicators said they "always use" email to send employee newsletters. However, from my conversations on the ground, it's clear that many communicators see newsletters as a "must do" and are on auto-pilot when they assemble and push it out before moving on to the next task at hand.

The Internal Communications workhorse - email employee newsletters

I'm going to help you re-boot your process. I'll be giving my proven best practice tips, and show you how our customers are creating high impact, personalized, engaging, interactive newsletters that employees love to get.

Plus, I'll take you through the detailed metrics and measurement available to you, and what you should do with your insights.

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