Reference resources and stats from our recent employee engagement webinar

In our recent webinar, ‘Drive Employee Engagement Through Communications’, presenter Andrew Blacknell fielded a number of questions from attendees. I thought it would be of value to share some of the resources that he’s mentioned.

Q: Could you please give some good examples how you commmunicate your EVP internally

Some that I like: McDonalds “Addin it up”; GE’s “Imagination at Work”, Pernod Ricard’s “Conviviality”.  Total Compensation Statements present an excellent opportunity to communicate the deal (see Yahoo’s The Real Deal).  They can monetise every aspect, plus add on the culture and learning and development. I would emphasise that communicating your EVP is never “done”.  It’s an ongoing challenge to make sure that everything reinforces it. The best known example – with its “freedom” EVP is Southwest Airlines. You might not think this communicates an EVP but I think it tells you all you need to know about what its like to work for SW Airlines – have a look at their video.

Q: Can you provide some examples or instances of effective CEO communications to staff?

Newsweaver’s Invitation and Event process I presented during the webinar is a good example.  It enables CEO townhalls to start with discussions and questions posted in advance, address them in and after the meeting – and then send recordings to non-atttendees and request feedback from those who did attend.

For further insight into ideas for improving leadership communications, take a look a:


Q: How can we get access to the employee engagement research Andrew referenced?

Here are a few resources mentioned



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