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What are the critical features for effective employee engagement software?


 — December 4th, 2017

What are the critical features for effective employee engagement software?

The best employee engagement software is a combination of features that can be used to gather, analyze and respond effectively to information and workplace sentiment. These simple, yet effective features can play a key part in any employee engagement platform.

Gain real-time employee feedback with pulse surveys

Pulse surveys effectively take the pulse of an organization. By regularly checking in with employees and asking them specific questions organizations can gauge employees' feedback, attitude to the organization and their motivation. Pulse surveys should be short and concise with less than 10 questions (it could even be as short as one question). The key is brevity; if the surveys are short, the response rate is likely to be higher. Read our 6 steps to getting the most out of your pulse surveys.

Reaching out to employees in this way gives them a sense of being involved in decisions or that they can effect change in an organization. Regular surveys also give employees the sense that their opinions are being sought out and that they are being listened to.

Pulse surveys are also a powerful tool for any organization to help gain real-time insights into the mood among workers. By sending out regular (weekly is good) pulse surveys organizations get a more accurate impression of workplace sentiment and can react faster to changing trends or moods.

Supplement pulse surveys with comprehensive annual surveys

While annual surveys are often maligned by employees are time-consuming, ineffective communications, they can be used effectively in conjunction with regular pulse surveys. By taking a joint approach, organizations can build on the engagement they've fostered throughout the year with the pulse surveys. Annual surveys can be used to take a wide-angle approach to initiatives and changes that have happened throughout the year. Thanks to the pulse surveys, employees will already feel like you're interested in their feedback and will be happier to take the time to answer more in-depth questions.

Foster a sense of engagement with regular communication

Company newsletters are not only a great way to make sure employees across your workforce know what's going on at the company, they are also a powerful employee engagement tool. With the right content, organizations can nurture a sense of community, create an inclusive, transparent workplace and foster engagement. Here are 7 creative ideas for your company newsletter that will help you develop engaging communications that build a productive, happy workplace.

In order to heighten engagement, organizations should consider targeting their content to specific groups or departments. Busy employees don't have time to read content that isn't relevant to their role, and over time, if they are continuously being sent irrelevant information, they may stop reading the company newsletter or communications entirely. By sending more targeted, relevant content to specific groups or departments, organizations can enhance engagement, and encourage more active participation with surveys, advisory notes, and events.

Communications should also be sent across multiple channels to ensure it is seen by as many employees as possible. Certain employees will favor certain channels and are more likely to engage with communications through their preferred channel whether that's email, the intranet, social network or by video.

Listen to what your employees are saying with accurate measurement

Recent studies show that over 60% of internal communicators are still not measuring internal communications.

The analytics associated with your message, whether the messages have been sent via email, instant messenger, social media or your company intranet, are your ears. This is how you listen to your employees, and how you come to understand them; their preferences, their habits, their values, their opinion of the company. These insights are your key to creating a two-way interaction. Armed with all of these insights, you can tailor your message to appeal to employees, and encourage engagement with your content.

Analytics give you the insights you need and are easily integrated into digital channels like email, social networks, and intranet. Intelligent email communications can be analyzed through simple figures like click-through rates, and you can also gain valuable, actionable, insight into which messages are proving most effective, what channel is reaching the most employees, how certain news is being received by employees. This is incredibly valuable information that helps you determine how engaged your employees are. And by adapting your communication to match your employees’ unique preferences and behavior, you can increase the reach and effectiveness. Through continuous monitoring and assessment of the metrics over time, you will be able to quickly see how changes you make are having an impact.

Employee engagement has become a key indicator of an organization's operational health. In a three-part blog post, Martie Moore, the chief nursing officer at Medline Industries, talks about how employee engagement is not just a Human Resources concern but also an organizational issue. There is a significant statistical correlation between high engagement and improvements in productivity, outcomes and overall job satisfaction.

Accurate employee engagement analysis is essential if you are to enhance your workplace environment. While surveys and regular communications will allow you to monitor engagement levels, analyzing the data from your communications will help you to delve deeper into the figures and get a greater picture of how engaged your employees are, where there are gaps and how they can be rectified.

There are some incredibly powerful employee engagement tools out there. At the heart of employee engagement though is creating a workplace where employees feel they are valued and they are making a difference; by keeping that in mind, organizations can make significant inroads into building a highly-engaged workforce.

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