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Employee Newsletter Content Ideas


 — February 12th, 2017

Employee Newsletter Content Ideas

If your internal communications challenge is to engage readers who just happen to be employees, then a content strategy for your internal communications newsletter is an important part of getting that engagement (opens and clicks). An email newsletter will succeed because it is full of information that is interesting, informative, entertaining, easy to navigate and read, no matter who it is aimed at. Tailor employee newsletter content specifically to items that engage your employees.

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Internal Employee Newsletter Content Ideas: Moving Beyond Text

Do not forget to think beyond the written word, and make full use of the audio and visual content that your company generates. Examples might include: podcasts, photographs, videos and recordings. Photographs are always very popular. People respond to images of real people in articles far more than they do to generic stock images. Ensure to think beyond static text content when brainstorming ideas for employee newsletter content, for example have you recently held a company event? A collection of photographs from recent events always draws readers.

Defining your Content Strategy: Ideas for Employee Newsletter Content

A few ideas for internal newsletter content sources:

  • Company website and blog
  • Research
  • Events
  • Industry related sources
  • Departments
  • Intranet

Regular sections or topics to feature in your employee newsletter content ideas:

  • Safety news and HR
  • Company policies and international offices
  • Education and training
  • Charity and CSR
  • Lifestyle and people news
  • Company news and compliance news
  • Relevant world news
  • Departments
  • Company history

How can you present your internal newsletter content that will attract attention and make it engaging?

The choice of formats to present internal newsletter content are endless. Do not forget that the non-written word is content too and includes both audio and visual versions of your content. You might like to read our How to use multimedia effectively in internal communications guide for more information on multimedia internal newsletter content ideas.

  • Messages from executives e.g. Q&As, announcements, podcasts, video casts or events
  • Event listings to highlight upcoming courses and events, both internally and externally
  • Round-ups such as written articles, photos, podcasts, videos of key events, customer wins or press releases
  • Catch-ups offering recordings of events that have happened, allowing employees to catch up on what they need to know
  • Highlighting employee benefits, which is a very important aspect of internal communications and can include information on holiday times or health benefits, for example
  • Maximizing the use of the intranet by placing a spotlight on links to highlighted areas of the intranet
  • Showcasing employee achievements. Examples might include charity events, personal achievements, new employees, job changes or articles highlighting people at the company

The above are examples of just some of the many formats available to present your employee newsletter content ideas.

If you want to engage your employees, remember that a content strategy incorporating employee-focused internal newsletter content ideas into your internal communications newsletter is a significant part of getting that engagement. It is also a good idea to have a catchy newsletter name that resonates with your employees. Check out some creative newsletter names

Our internal communications experts create ideas for employee newsletter content, so you can easily and smoothly implement a best practice internal communications strategy.

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We have created a Best Practice Guide that might be of interest to you on sourcing engaging content for your newsletters. Create and present content in your employee newsletter that your employees will find useful, interesting and relevant.

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