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Ethan McCarty – Poppulo Customer Summit Speaker

Ethan McCarty is the Global Head of Employee & Innovation Communications for Bloomberg LP.

Presentation Title:
Rethinking Employees and Employee Communications

There’s every chance Karl Marx would have been an enthusiastic and early adopter of social media and digital networks. They have fundamentally shifted the traditional management-employee power structure and forced a revolutionary change in mindset about employee communications.

Digital contacts, networks and influence have begun to lean the decks towards knowledge workers who communicate and move with an empowered and connected freedom like never before. And the social media that transformed their personal communications and connections is radically changing both the tactical role and strategic goal of workplace communications.

Ethan will outline how imperative it is for companies to recognize employees as an network to communicate with, and through, not simply ‘to’, and how previously segmented internal and external communications are increasingly blending in strategic digital cohesion to achieve business goals.

He will take us through his fascinating journey at Bloomberg LP where three years ago the internal communications function was of the traditional ‘postal delivery center’ variety to where it is today, a strategic capability for the organization, driving significant behavioral change.

“The coin of the realm for us is to design programs back from business outcomes that we are trying to drive, as opposed to a model designed to drive awareness of the existence of an initiative or program,” he says.

In addition to outlining how he and his team achieved the strategic transformation of the communications function at Bloomberg, Ethan will share how he structures his teams, the skillsets he looks for and the partnerships he forms across the business. It enables Bloomberg LP to design innovative programs that are more than about simply raising awareness – and instead are about behavior change aligned to business outcomes.

About the speaker:

Ethan McCarty is the Global Head of Employee and Innovation Communications for Bloomberg LP. Ethan leads a team of Employee and External Communications professionals who activate, inform and enable Bloomberg’s 18,000+ employees worldwide. Externally, Ethan’s team tells Bloomberg’s innovation story through our people, our workplaces and the technologies in our products. Connect with him at @ethanmcc on twitter or


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