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Using insight and measurement to improve employee engagement at Granite Services

Granite Services is a global company with over 5,000 employees spread across one hundred countries. They are a wholly owned affiliate of General Electric.

After reviewing the results of employee opinion surveys, company leaders saw a clear need to focus on how they were communicating with employees. As there was no corporate communications infrastructure in place, Granite Services hired Sue Brockett, an experienced Internal Communication professional, to create and implement an internal communication strategy.

“Poppulo has modernized our internal corporate email communications, and gives me access to fantastic reporting tools. I use this insight and measurement to improve engagement going forward. Plus, I share results with our CEO and other stakeholders.”

Sue Brockett, Communications Manager, Granite Services


With 5,000 employees around the world, a comprehensive communication strategy was essential to ensuring employees stayed connected and had insight into the company’s vision, goals and strategies, as well as daily news. This challenge was compounded by the fact that the majority of employees are non-desk workers without regular access to a computer.

Sue’s first step was to conduct a communications and channel audit. She met with senior leaders, managers and – most importantly to her – frontline employees. Sue wanted to learn what was currently being communicated, and what channels were being used. She also asked employees what they thought was working, what could be done better and how they preferred to get their information.


One of her immediate actions was to engage with the Poppulo design team to create email templates that branded, streamlined and standardized formatting for all corporate emails. The responsive design means that a mobile workforce can access these emails on any device. “By funneling all our corporate messages through a central point we are able to take a more strategic approach in our communications, while also ensuring consistent formatting and tone.”

A powerful monthly newsletter

Sue’s audit uncovered an antiquated PDF-format newsletter. She saw an opportunity to modernize and extend the reach and impact of corporate communications through their email channel ,using an email newsletter that supported the business message goals.

Along with a template design, Sue says “we updated the overall content and tone of the communications. It now includes information that gives employees a view across the organization – such as what’s happening in every region and in different functions – along with an employee recognition section.”

Embedded videos to further enhance engagement

“During my audit I saw that videos could help deliver a face-to-face experience, so we embed video in our emails whenever possible – automatically creating a more engaging experience.”


“I was really pleased to implement Poppulo because it gave me so many great capabilities in our corporate email communications that I didn’t have before. It also significantly reduced production time, allowing us to send truly timely information.

Now I can customize the message to my audience, and track metrics. The reporting tools are fantastic because I can see not only how many people are reading the newsletter, but also what stories they’re reading.

This is really valuable because if I get a story that gets a lot of clicks, or has a lot of conversation around it, it gives me a good clue to do more stories around this topic, and follow up. Our CEO appreciates the reporting –if he has a message in there, I can tell him how many employees read it.”

What’s next for corporate email at Granite?

  • Increased targeting and personalization – Sue’s next step is to expand the newsletter to be personalized by regions and functions so she can target more specific messages and audiences.
  • Create and embed more video – “Video is going to play a much bigger role. We’re getting really good feedback from employees about videos – they really enjoy hearing messages in this way. So, we’re going to start developing and incorporating more videos into our communications.”
  • Use insight and measurement to improve – “Metrics will play an important role for me this year. I think it’s important to take a step back and take a look at how well the changes that I’ve implemented are working. With the insight and measurement I now have I’ll be able to see where to put more – or less – resources, as well as what to do differently.”

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