Here’s some company blog tips to engage employees

The importance of good internal communications should never be underestimated and whether you are a fan of corporate-speak favorite phrases such as being on the same page or not, the ultimate aim is the same, which is to ensure that every employee is as informed and “in the loop” as possible.

Great communication allows an organization to improve efficiency and helps to ensure that there is a collaborative discipline and a cohesive culture that works regardless of whether you have just a handful or hundreds of employees.

Modern communication channels

The old-fashioned internal memo still serves a purpose and can bring a certain level of clarity but with most of us attuned to communicating via social media platforms it makes sense to embrace these friendly and efficient tools to deliver your message and information in this way.

A blog post is a great way to quickly deliver your message across the various departments and key personnel in your organization and encourages creative discussion as well as making it easy for everyone to share ideas.

Blogging is a simple concept and it’s easy to get started if you decide to use this social media channel within your organization but how you create and present your content is something you might need some guidance on from a site like

Bridging the gap

One of the challenges within many organizations that are not always talked about openly is that there can be communication gaps across the workforce based on age.

Millennials might be more relaxed about using social media channels and responding to blogs to the older generation of so-called baby boomers, but that is all the more reason to formulate a multigenerational strategy for engaging everyone in the workplace.

It has been demonstrated that encouraging communication and collaboration across the generations in your workforce can often have the positive effect of boosting the performance of all groups.

An internal blog could prove to be a powerful tool in encouraging that vital interaction if you can foster a positive communication channel between workers of all ages and that has to be considered beneficial when it comes to the overall performance of the organization.

Making the chain more effective

A common communication problem that you can witness in many businesses is that it can take time for information to makes it way down the chain of hierarchy, which can be detrimental to efficiency when there are such delays.

This trickle-down effect can stifle progress and it is inefficient to put such a level of dependence on a number of specific individuals in the chain of communication, as any break or delay in that chain could mean that the message and information is failing to reach some of the people who need it most.

A good way of avoiding this scenario would be to make one or a few key people responsible for handling the various communication tools such as writing an internal blog, allowing everyone to get the message as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Managing a campaign more effectively

A good example of how internal blogs can really boost your organization’s efficiency would be when you are launching a marketing campaign.

There are so many components and channels that have to align in order to get the best possible outcome and communicating via a blog post can allow everyone to see how a campaign is performing and what sort of impact it is having.

A blog can be used to deliver news of positive results and allow everyone within the team to feel part of the success, Also, if there are any adjustments to be made to the campaign or feedback that needs to be acted upon, every recipient will be in the loop and feel like an integral part of the team, with the advantage of greater informality than can be achieved with a traditional memo.

The key to an engaged workforce

All things considered, it would seem likely that the majority of CEOs will confirm that healthy internal communications make the business stronger overall.

The nature of being in business means that even the most well-oiled corporate machine will run into problems at some point and might have to deal with a crisis internally or publicly. Having a strong and healthy internal communication strategy helps to foster an air of goodwill and compliance that can stand you in good stead when things go wrong.

If an organization is willing to remain as open as possible with its employees and is prepared to share as much information across the organization as possible rather than limiting it, that positive and collective atmosphere has to be good news for the bottom line.

Communication is fundamental to creating an engaged workforce and an internal blogging strategy is a great way of fostering that vital togetherness throughout the organization.


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