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Hitting the top spots with the best internal comms blogs


 — January 12th, 2018

Hitting the top spots with the best internal comms blogs

Early January, the start of 2018, and lots of chatter everywhere about looking ahead, planning, and resolutions for the New Year.

But sometimes it's instructive to look back as well as forward, so to find out what ticked the box most for internal communicators over the year just gone, we decided to see what were the best performing Poppulo blogs of 2017, determined by reader interaction.

Ironically, top of the pile was some crystal-ball gazing in the Top 7 Internal Communications Trends for 2017, but seeing as that's now really passée, it's probably more interesting and relevant to look at what came in at No. 2 on our readers' popularity chart. My colleague Denise Cox takes the honors here with her Employee Newsletter Content Ideas, published in February.

Not content with the No 2 slot, Denise knocked it out of the park again in June with her Ten Fun Things to Put in a Newsletter, which was our third most popular blog last year.

Next up, published just a few weeks ago is 9 Top Hopes and Trends for Internal Communications in 2018, where leading IC influencers generously took time out to provide insights into their thoughts for the year ahead. They include David Grossman, Zora Atis, Sean Williams, Rhonda J. Rathje, Jim Shaffer, Jane Revell, Mike Klein, Priya Bates and Elizabeth Lupfer.

Occupying the mid-way position in our 2017 Top Ten is Sample Focus Group Questions, which evidently delivered what it said on the tin, as far as many of our blog fans were concerned.

Strategy takes up both the No 6 & 7 spots, first with my colleague Emma Hanley's How to create an Internal Communications strategy, followed by our Infographic on the same topic, which was linked to our immensely popular white paper, The Ultimate Guide to Internal Communications Strategy.

In a foretaste of what's increasingly occupying the attention of internal communicators in the run-up to the EU's new General Data Protection Regulations, which comes into effect next May, Poppulo's Dan Egan set out what's in store in his blog GDPR: What does it mean for Internal Communicators?

IC audit surveys are always of interest, but they're only ever going to be as good as the quality and relevance of the questions that are asked. So we addressed this in the penultimate of our 2017 Top Ten blogs, Content for internal communication audit surveys: What questions should be asked?

And last, but certainly not least, at No 10 is a blog from another colleague, Joanne McCarthy, focusing on the critically important issue of measurement: How to easily set and measure KPIs for Internal Communications.

Well, that's what rocked it in 2017 and if you missed any of these previously here's hoping that you enjoy them this time around. We're already looking forward to seeing what turns out to be our most popular blogs this year.

And if you would like to see us focusing on a particular topic I would love to hear your thoughts. Just drop me an email: tvaughan@poppulo.com.

Wishing you a great 2018!

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