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How can internal communicators rock the C-suite? Find out at our Smile Expo workshop


 — May 18th, 2017

How can internal communicators rock the C-suite? Find out at our Smile Expo workshop

Simply Communicate’s Smile is one of our favorite annual events for internal communicators and is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the IC calendar in London. To mark our recent and exciting evolution to Poppulo, we will host a workshop at Smile Expo on Tuesday, May 23, a day of 12 workshops on social intranets and collaborative tools, where you will have an opportunity to find out how much we can do for you to be even more successful with your communications.

Led by digital communications specialists Donna Burtchaell and Fiona Barry, together with product manager Colin Feeley, Poppulo’s workshop Rocking the C-Suite will discuss the challenges internal communicators face in getting heard by senior leaders and proving the impact of internal communications in achieving business goals.

The team will provide their top tips for success in this area, and provide a number of real-life examples of how IC departments in major organizations get their voices heard as strategic advisors at the top table. They will show exactly how Poppulo has demonstrated the very real impact IC has made on businesses, and the difference it has made to the standing of the internal comms function in their organizations.

Smile Expo is our first opportunity to unveil our new Poppulo brand in London, following our launch on May 6, and our team is really looking forward to showcasing everything our groundbreaking platform has to offer, both at the workshop and throughout the day at our stand. This includes our new bespoke consultancy offering, coordinated by Donna Burtchaell, an award winning digital and communications specialist with more than 15 years of agency experience in internal communications.

The workshop content this year is divided into three themes: Collaboration, Platforms and Engagement.

Smile events are always a great opportunity to meet with both familiar and new faces in the industry, and in addition to our own Poppulo workshop, highlights will include the Adoption Maze facilitated by Naomi Venables: a fun activity to galvanize your new collaborative platform and encourage everyone to follow the same launch strategy; and Digital Workplace - Hype or Reality?, in which social media expert Peter Furtado will outline who in the business is best placed to secure the investment and deliver change.

For more information on Smile can be found here: https://smileexpo.london/
If you or your colleagues are coming to this year’s Smile at etc venues St Paul's, we would love you to attend the Poppulo workshop at 2pm and come and chat to us at our stand throughout the day. Our experts will be on hand all day to talk you through our all-in-one platform, which has been specifically built for internal communicators.

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