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IABC World Conference 2017: Were you there?

Poppulo was delighted to sponsor and exhibit at the IABC World Conference in Washington DC, which took place from June 11th to 14th.

As one of the flagship global events for internal communicators, we were delighted to meet internal communicators from the likes of Hong Kong, Kenya, South Africa, Australia and the UK, as well as a huge tranche of attendees from Canada and the US. The diversity of the attendees, and the distances people travelled, is testament to the huge global appeal of the IABC.

The conference was very well executed and organized, and the easy highlight was the excellent content on the agenda across the board. All sessions I attended were full to the brim, and attendees were highly engaged.

For me, the key themes were:

1. Measurement

If you don’t measure it, it doesn’t exist. Not strictly true, but it might as well be. In order to make any significant impact on a business, measurement is the first and last thing you should be doing. We’re constantly told it, we all know it, and yet, communicators are notoriously poor at it.

Angela Sinickas’ session, How to use research to fine-tune your strategies, provided attendees with a number of simple and straightforward tips on how to measure, even in the absence of time and budget.

An IABC fellow, Angela Sinickas helps communicators use research and measurement to make their campaigns more successful and to enhance their credibility with senior leaders.
If you are interested in learning more about measurement, be sure to download Angela’s ultimate guide to measuring internal communications here.

2. Leadership

Internal communications is slowly earning its rightful place at the heart of the organization, as more companies recognize the value of good communication and employee engagement. And so creating strong leadership emerged as one of the themes at this year’s conference.

Jim Shaffer, an internationally recognized business advisor, leadership coach, author, speaker and leader of the Jim Shaffer group, spoke about the creation of powerful leadership systems and their ability to improve business performance.

Jim recently hosted a hugely popular webinar with Poppulo on proving value in IC. He had some hugely interesting insights and valuable tips, so I’m looking forward to hearing his talk on leadership. (Meanwhile, take a look at his 12 top tips for proving value in IC here.)

3. Creativity

Many people I spoke to mentioned Denise Jacobs as one of the highlights of the conference. Under the great title of the Creativity (R)evolution, Denise spoke about infusing sparks of creativity in ourselves and others. Denise believes that creativity can effect positive change around the world. Her talk was highly engaging and a clear highlight of a great conference.

If you would like to find out how Poppulo’s software solution can improve internal communications in your organization, sign up for a free demo today.


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