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Internal Communication: How Tullow communicated a mandatory process to all staff

Tullow Oil used single message email bulletins to deliver and track their Code of Business Conduct annual certification process to all Tullow staff

Newsweaver Internal Connect Customer: Tullow Oil is a multinational oil and gas exploration company headquartered in the UK.

Challenge: All Tullow staff (employees and contract staff) across the organization are required to self certify that they have read and understood their responsibilities as set out in the ‘Code of Business Conduct’. To ensure this happened, a mandatory annual certification process was launched. Group Compliance wanted to be able to measure and ensure this process was communicated to all staff.

Tactic: The IC team created a campaign consisting of a single message email bulletin, embedding information about the initiative, and a link directing them to the online certification process.

Outcome: The metrics available in real time from these campaigns provided insight into which staff clicked and completed the ‘code of business’ certification. Using the metrics, the organization has the option to send follow-up reminders to those staff who have not completed the certification.

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