How Internal Communication can help their organization improve the use of email

There is an urgent need for organizations to overhaul the way email is used internally.

Internal Communication can play an essential role in helping their organization make better use of the email communication channel.

The two areas that internal communicators can address, influence and impact the increased effectiveness of this channel:

  1. Create internal business best practice guidelines. Most organizations don’t have formal tools, processes or even governances in place around email. Work with stakeholders to establish a companywide adherence to business best practice in the use of email. Tackle the ‘All-employee’ emails, excessive CCs and reply-to-all, plus the misuse of email for collaboration, document transfer and storage. Organizations need to address this specifically to educate and improve the use of email in the workplace – which in turn will decrease inbox clutter.
  2. Avail of the email technology tools available today. Many communicators are unaware the technology exists (that’s what Newsweaver offers internal communicators) to bring the full power of the digital age to email. Communicators can use this technology to personalize communications to the recipient – enabling the right messages get to the right employees at the right time. Employees receive personalized emails in a recognizable format that can be consumed on any device, and pushes only relevant content to that employee. Information is not missed, and users are not being swamped with content that is of little interest or use to them. Plus, these emails are highly measurable (helping you increase employee engagement, and prove IC’s business value).

Are you getting the most out of your email employee newsletter?  Join me Wednesday April 16th. (P.S. Even if you can’t attend, register and you will receive a copy of the recorded webinar.)


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