Sky uses email employee newsletters to drive adoption of Chatter

“Linking up channels of communication has helped to align and strengthen the messages. Including direct links to conversation and feedback through Chatter has been a great part of this. It’s simple to do, effective and easy to measure.”   Emer Cullen, Internal Communications Manager, Sky Ireland at BSkyB

Sky is a satellite broadcasting, broadband and telephone services company headquartered in London, with operations in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland. They wanted to create an employee email newsletter to help awareness and inspire participation in their newly launched internal social network tool, Chatter.

Linking up channels of communication

Sky’s email employee newsletter template (example below) facilitates inserting snippets of content to highlight stories, and embedding links directly to the pertinent Chatter conversation. One example of how this worked well for Sky was their ‘Bike to Work’ scheme had launched on Chatter, but wasn’t gaining much traction or attention. Sky included an overview of the scheme in an article in their newsletter, inviting employees to participate in the conversation giving them a direct link to the conversation.

Access to real-time metrics

By including the initiative and link to Chatter in the newsletter, Sky is widening the awareness beyond the employees already using their social channel to the entire organization. With access to real-time metrics, Sky can measure the increase in engagement and clicks from the newsletter – and can gain real insight into levels of interest in the various initiatives they include in each campaign.

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