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[webinar] Insights from a winning Internal Communications team

Are you striving to transform the Internal Communications function within your own organization? Do you want to hear lessons learned by an award-winning IC team who have accomplished just that?

On Wednesday, December 10th, 4pm GMT I’ll be joined by guest Richard Donovan, Head of Internal Communications, UK&I at Experian. Richard will be sharing insights that his team learned along the way to changing the Internal Communications function at Experian UK&I.

If you’re interested in how your peers are tackling common Internal Communication challenges, and are transforming their Internal Communications, you’ll want to register for my next webinar Wednesday December 10th at 4pm GMT. I’ll be talking to Richard Donovan, Head of Internal Communications, UK&I at Experian. He’s going to share some of the lessons learned as his team motivated, shifted and transformed the Internal Communications function within their organization. And – they went to be selected as the IoIC’s 2014 ‘Best in-house team of the year’ in recognition of their stellar teamwork and accomplishments.

Why you need to treat your employees like consumers

With an increasingly global and diverse workforce, corporate communicators are feeling the pressure to change the way they’re communicating with employees. Richard says we need to understand the changing expectations of employees. “Look around when you next catch a train, tram or bus to work. The people you’re sat and stood with will be reading a book, a Kindle, a paper, a magazine. They’ll be listening to music, news, or audiobooks. Then they walk through the doors of the business they work for and all of a sudden they have one or two channels that their organization gives them to understand what’s going on. Understanding employees like the consumers they are is critical to making Internal Communications a success”.

Along with a fascinating insight into how his team changed the way they were communicating, Richard also shares insight into these areas:

  • Bringing the organization’s story to life
  • Leveraging a multichannel approach
  • Creating visuals of data-driven messages
  • Managing employee communications during an external crisis
  • Producing line managers communication kits
  • Benchmarking and measuring progress
  • Reducing information overload


Don’t forget to register – even if you can’t attend – you’ll receive a recording of the internal communication webinar to watch at your convenience.

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