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Workshop: Are your internal communications getting lost in the inbox?

I’ll be in Chicago this Thursday (6th) and Friday (7th) to conduct a workshop at the Ragan 2014 Best Practices in Internal Communications Summit

March 6th, Thursday, looks to be a great day with these three workshops:

  1. Secrets to an award-winning intranet,
  2. A look at social media within the organization …
  3. I’ll be talking about creating corporate email communications that stand out in the inbox.

A perfect line up as far as I am concerned, as these three channels can work very well together. (And I’ll show you how)

My session is at 3 p.m.-5 p.m. I look forward to bringing my passion for good communication and huge respect for the power of email communications to my two-hour workshop….  I’ve loads to show you…

Here are some of your takeaways – all illustrated with Internal Communication case studies:

• Why email should play a central part in your internal communications strategy
• How email can drive the adoption and use of your intranet and social media channels
• How to ensure your messages stand out and get employees’ attention
• Why segmentation is key to your success – and where you should start
• Measurement and insight – why if you don’t measure, you won’t matter
• Demonstrate the value of your internal communications and become a trusted advisor to stakeholders

So I hope to see you there… follow tweets at   #RaganInternalComms




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