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Think beyond the written word for your internal communications

Denise CoxDenise Cox·

One of my favorite tips that I like to share about communicating effectively is to think beyond the written word.

Why internal communications should move beyond the written word

On average people spend sixty seconds on text-only web pages. Research has found that adding in multimedia content such as video and images can increase engagement by four minutes or longer. It makes a strong case for using multimedia to enhance the impact of your internal communications.

What do I mean by multimedia? Multimedia can be defined as the combination of narrative, images, video, audio and animation, created with the aim to engage users. It has become an integral part of the digital content development process, and can play a role increasing employee engagement.

Video is a powerful storytelling tool that has proven to engage diverse workforces. You know a picture is worth a thousand words – well, a video must be about a million! Including video in your email communications can increase clicks by 2 -3x. Videos don’t always need to be big glossy productions. Sometimes the authenticity of something captured on an iPhone or Skype can be more real and more emotional; and when a story is told with emotion it will become memorable. A well-made short video can tell a story much faster than any presenter can describe. And it is even more powerful if someone working on the frontline, such as an employee, customer or strategic supplier, has created it.

If the topic of multimedia content is of interest to you, I invite you to download our latest How to guide.

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