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Internal Communication videos; The emerging powerhouse of lnternal Communication.


 — July 4th, 2014

Internal Communication videos; The emerging powerhouse of lnternal Communication.

I’ve been fortunate to have attended many Internal Communication Conferences in the last number of years hosted by the likes of Melcrum, Ragan Communications, CIPR and simply-communicate.com and in that time I’ve seen first hand how internal communication videos are being used as an effective channel for communicating across an organization.

Just a few years ago the message was that internal communicators should be taking advantage of internal video. Today it appears that the message has gotten through, as demonstrated in a recent Gartner Report that showed the use of video in the enterprise is increasing by up to 200% annually.

So what’s making internal communication videos more accessible? Well access to the tools and online editing facilities is helping communicators make video an everyday communications tool, breaking down the barriers for what was once considered a resource heavy, costly channel.

Creating internal video that employees will love has never been easier...

In April 2014 I attended the Ragan Communications Annual Social Media for PR and Corporate Communications Conference at Disney World, Florida, where I had the privilege of meeting and listening to Rocky Walls from 12 Stars Media who is one of the world’s leading consultants on how organizations can integrate internal video in their communication plans.

Rocky is a charismatic speaker and brings huge knowledge and insight into the effective use of video. We were delighted that Rocky joined Newsweaver’s Lead Consultant, denise cox, in our recent webinar; Creating and distributing videos within your organization.

Access the recording here.

What does a great internal video look like?

At the recent Newsweaver Global User Conference in London we were treated to lots of great internal videos. Hat-tip to Marc Wright from simply-communicate.com for incorporating this gem from Phillips International into his presentation.

This is their promotional video to encourage employees across the world to participate in their ‘all employee jam’ campaign. A truly inspiring example on how to use video to tell a story and testament to the creativity and resourcefulness that exists within the internal communication profession.

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