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Interview highlights Poppulo’s support for healthcare crisis teams


 — April 20th, 2020

Interview highlights Poppulo’s support for healthcare crisis teams

Enterprise Ireland has highlighted Poppulo’s support for healthcare crisis teams in the global battle against COVID-19.

Poppulo’s chief executive Andrew O’Shaughnessy recently announced the company was making its platform available to public healthcare crisis teams free of charge so they can instantly connect with frontline workers and first responders.

Ireland’s national public health service, the Health Service Executive, has already taken up the offer for its COVID-19 communication team.

Enterprise Ireland’s Irish Advantage – which showcases indigenous business internationally – described the Poppulo move as helping “to ensure that the first casualty of war on the virus isn’t truth”.

Employee communications and coronavirus – How to stay the course through a long crisis

Irish Advantage interviewed the Poppulo CEO about the role internal communications is playing in the fight against COVID-19 and the impact the crisis is having on employees everywhere.

“Employees are under pressure not just from their job but from feelings of isolation, overwhelm, and mental health issues. At a time like this, your employee base needs huge support,” said Mr. O’Shaughnessy.

In addition to offering its platform free to public healthcare crisis teams, Poppulo is also offering a range of offers to existing customers to help them through the COVID-19 crisis.

Read the full interview here.

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