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Introducing New Cross-Channel Analytics for Internal Communications


 — June 2nd, 2016

Introducing New Cross-Channel Analytics for Internal Communications

Poppulo launches ground breaking cross-channel analytics product for internal communications

For the first time organizations can easily measure the reach and impact of employee communications across their key digital channels

Poppulo, the global leader in Internal Communication software, has launched a pioneering new technology, Cross-Channel Analytics. Designed specifically for corporate and internal communicators, Cross-Channel Analytics is the only tool available on the market that measures your communication reach and impact across all primary internal communication channels in one easy-to-use tool.

The groundbreaking new product builds on the success of Poppulo’s award-winning Internal Connect email solution. Cross-Channel Analytics includes email measurement, and extends to measuring SharePoint intranets and video. Two additional channels, Enterprise Social Network (ESN) and mobile, will be added later this year.

Cross-Channel Analytics provides reporting dashboards designed specifically for communicators, making it easy to analyze performance of the individual channels, but more importantly, to understand the combined performance across multiple channels in one place. Crucially, it enables communicators to segment reports based on employee data such as Business Unit, Dept; so that they can understand how employees are engaging with internal communications. Additional features include Cross-Channel Campaigns, Content Performance and Reach Reports and Engagement Indexes.

Mossy O’Mahony, VP of Product Management, says

"We developed Cross-Channel Analytics after extensive market research and working very closely with our customers to understand their measurement problems and goals. This product will transform the business value of internal communications by putting actionable insights directly into the hands of the communicator, meaning that for the first time, they can now easily measure overall performance of internal communications across their key digital channels - all in one place, improve results and demonstrate the impact of communications to key stakeholders.”

Sector surveys show that access to measurement is still elusive for most internal communicators. And yet, the ability to measure is the foundation for increasing employee engagement and achieving business success.

Poppulo’s CEO Andrew O’Shaughnessy says

“You can’t have communication without measurement. Armed with data, you can change minds, data shows you what is working and what isn’t. We decided to build a product that would deliver measurement across all channels to give internal communicators the full view of how their employees are engaging with communications. That holistic picture of what’s going on in the organization is powerful. Those companies who are tackling this head on are showing themselves to be more agile. They’re seeing results; engagement scores going up, processes improving and projects being completed more quickly.”

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