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Ragan Corporate Communications Conference

I have written up my main takeaway, and I will be sharing some of the ideas and insights that stood out for me at the conference around what makes great Internal Communications.

PR and business social expert Steve Crescenzo presented some great ideas about how to use Web 2.0 tools in your communications without scaring executives. Steve talked about a simple 3 P bucket plan for content which I think is a great tool for all communicators.

He suggested that all your content needs to sit in one of these three buckets, and you should treat each of them different:


  1. Pass – This is content that you’re being asked to push out. You know it’s not of interest or relevant for most employees. It’s ok to say NO; you don’t need to push out every piece of content that gets submitted to your team.
  2. Publish– the stuff you need to get out. It’s not pretty or very exciting but it’s needed. Get this out in a fast and effective way – it should not use up too much of your time.
  3. Promote this is the good stuff. Content your employees both need and want to know about.  This should take most of your time and you should look at all the cool tools in Web 2.0 to promote this content.

We have created a How to Guide that might be of interest to you on using multimedia effectively in your internal communications. Multimedia has become an integral part of the digital content development process and it can play a role in increasing employee engagement.


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