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Learnings from Manchester Internal Communications Conference


 — February 28th, 2018

Learnings from Manchester Internal Communications Conference

We here at Poppulo were delighted to attend a fast-paced, brand-led event in Manchester as the Platinum sponsor to discuss a number of insightful areas covering how to use internal communications as a key strategic influence, empowering employees as leaders, driving change and brand vision - and what the future of internal communication holds.

Over 30 Communications Directors from companies such as Adidas, ASDA, British Airways, HSBC, Rolls-Royce, and GSK, took to the stage and shared best practices on measuring impact and ROI, channel strategies and performance, putting social collaboration in to practice, and new technologies and the digital workplace.

Following the theme of ‘engaging, value-adding internal communications with measurable results’, Asda kicked off the day with their concept of why inspiring and informing employees is essential for driving and maximizing innovative engagement.

DFS shared their experience of using Workplace by Facebook and the importance of adapting and embracing change to encourage growth in the workforce.

McDonald's completed a full internal communications audit and discovered that their employees were hungry for information and extremely brand loyal; demonstrating to them that they needed to redefine their value proposition of IC: what it’s there for; who it’s supporting; what tools are available, and the necessary budget and resources needed.

Poppulo’s VP of Product, Mossy O’Mahony, explored the importance of using data to maximize the impact of internal communications to achieve your strategic objectives. Using research and case studies, Mossy demonstrated why aligning your internal comms activities with your organization’s business strategy is essential to support and grow your campaigns.

Measure across your channels, link your strategy to your company’s goals and objectives, analyze your data reports, understand the outcome of your communications, and use these insights to take action.

We are all very aware that the role of internal communications is changing. In the face of such challenges, it is more important than ever that employees understand how this change will be managed and how they can successfully deliver on key goals and initiatives.

Success for us is as many colleagues as possible knowing what is happening in the business now and in the future, feeling clear on strategy and direction and, empowered to do their role.

Some of my key takeaways were:

  • To maximize the reach and relevance of a diverse internal communications audience you must keep remote and global employees informed, engaged and involved with relevant communications through the best channels.
  • The only constant is change. Create positive communication strategies, get the support of your employees and involve them in decision making.
  • Employees must feel aligned with the company strategy and purpose to be true ambassadors of the brand and values.
  • Promote culture and behavioral change if you want to improve trust, loyalty, performance and outcomes.
  • The DFS sale will probably never end!
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