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[survey] Challenges Internal Communication senior leaders face

If you’re a senior Internal Communication professional, you might be interested in taking this short survey being run by consultancy firm HarknessKennett. They’ve crafted six questions designed to gain a different perspective on Internal Communication today.

There are a number of research reports already following the trends in Internal Communication and publishing data on the number; but in conducting this survey HarknessKennett hope to gain greater insight under that data and paint a picture of what it’s like to work at a senior level in Internal Communication. By asking these six questions in a thought-provoking way – the consultancy firm hope to encourage senior leaders to share their views, experience and suggestions informally and openly. And you can be confident that your responses won’t be attributed to you or your organisation.

HarknessKennett plan to build on those views and experience to share some of the more innovative thinking within the wider IC community on how best to address the issues senior leaders face.

A senior leader in IC? Take the survey

As a thank you, HarknessKennett will donate £1 for every completed survey to Canine Partners, their charity partner. If you’d like them to share the results with you, please let them know – or check the box on the survey.

The survey closes Friday, 24th October.



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