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Using Measurement To Drive Internal Communication at Concur Technologies

There’s nothing like throwing a pie chart or an email performance issue-by-issue up to have your data-driven leaders say ‘Hey, Internal Communication has thought this through’
                                   Jody Wilkins, Product Communications, Concur Technologies


Concur Technologies is a US travel management company, providing travel and expense management services to businesses around the world. Headquartered in Washington state, Concur Technologies has an employee base of over 5,000, which includes offices in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The twenty-one year old company was recently acquired by SAP.


There wasn’t an Internal Communication function when Jody Wilkins joined Concur Technologies six years ago.  He was tasked to build a scalable model to fit a business that was growing quickly. Jody says “at the time we only had 600 employees and now we’re at over 5,000 globally.”

Once the structure was in place, his strategy was to create access to metrics so that he could measure employee engagement and prove business value. “Concur is a metrics driven culture. My goal was to demonstrate to stakeholders that the IC function had business value.”


Jody focused on increasing the effectiveness of the internal email channel. “We are a very email-centric organization, but we employed a spray-and-pray mentality. While we had been communicating to employees in an effective and fun way; we couldn’t measure the effectiveness of the emails.”

He selected Newsweaver Internal Connect to create, send and measure his internal communications. One of the objectives of his communications was to drive traffic to the intranet, so he had a newsletter template designed to mirror the employee portal.

“Also, we know employees love videos, and with Newsweaver we can embed and link videos really easily into our emails. That makes them measurable another reason I’m such a proponent of Newsweaver. It’s all so easy to use, and you’re able to publish quickly.”


Jody says he now has access to a depth of measurement he didn’t have before. “We can measure destination traffic from the emails – what links in the mail drove traffic. It’s been really helpful to us around the videos.”

“I can now go into decision-making meetings with my leaders and make a business case. I can share what we’ve learned from our employees through our email internal communications; whether it’s traffic to the intranet portal, benchmarking or trending specific campaigns. There’s nothing like throwing up a pie chart, or an email performance issue-by-issue, to have your data-driven leaders say ‘hey Internal Communication has thought this through.’ And now these leaders can say we are making the smart business decision and we have the data and measurement to prove it. That’s exciting for me.”

One of the senior leaders recently said to me “Without the data you provided, we would have gone in a completely different direction.” To me that highlights the real value of measurement and the importance of internal communicators using measurement, and sharing insight and measurement with stakeholders.”


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