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Measuring Intranet Communications


 — August 12th, 2016

Measuring Intranet Communications

In the first instalment of the series Chris looks at measuring intranet communications.

Earlier this year we were joined by Chris Tubb, intranet expert for a webinar on intranet measurement.

It was an area of such interest to internal communicators that we asked Chris to work with us on a series of best practice guides for communicators covering the key aspects of intranet success.

The ability to measure corporate communications on the intranet is one of those things that just seems really hard to do and doesn’t seem to improve.

“Most intranet measurement tools aren’t built with intranet managers or internal communicators in mind”, says Tubb, “Measurement tools are typically pointed at sales and marketing rather than internal communicators and intranet managers”.

Measuring intranets is hard work, but not being able to understand how the intranet is used and how communications on the intranet are received leaves an unacceptable gap in communications measurement. This situation however is relatively common even within large organizations.

“I liken it to driving fast along a road without any instruments on your dashboard - with a foggy windscreen - in the dark - without headlights”, added Tubb.

In this best practice guide called ‘Measuring Intranet Communication’ you will get the information you need to implement processes so that measurement against your goals happens on a regular basis.

Download the guide now and learn:

  • Why intranet measurement is critical to effective internal communication
  • How to set targets and align them with your goals
  • What to measure on your intranet from an employee communications viewpoint
  • How to measure campaign performance, video performance and content engagement on your intranet
  • Use metrics for insight - identify trends, understand behavior, and learn why some content is more popular than others

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About Chris Tubb:

Chris Tubb is a consultant specializing in intranet strategy, governance and measurement. Chris has worked with intranets since 1996 in and out of communications teams. As well as consulting and benchmarking numerous clients, Chris also publishes a blog on intranet strategy for fellow practitioners at intranetdirections.com.

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