There’s never been a better time to be in Internal Communications

 “With improving technology and the associated metrics and an ever increasing need for fast and genuine change inside most organisations, there’s never been a better time to be in Internal Communications. If people can “weigh in, they buy in” and Communications holds the key.” Andrew Blacknell


I’m delighted to introduce Andrew Blacknell, a seasoned IC professional with over 20 years experience in internal communications and change management. Andrew will be presenting our next webinar –  Drive Employee Engagement Through Communications

The important role Internal Communications plays in Employee Engagement

Andrew will focus on how employee engagement can improve revenue and profit, and how effective communications can drive that employee engagement. He’ll be discussing the three types of engagement IC professionals should focus on, the consistent drivers of employee engagement – and how internal communications plays a crucial role in these. He’ll also discuss how creating accountability is key to proving IC effectiveness. Andrew will use strategic case studies from Sears, Avery Dennison, Volvo and Aviva to illustrate his points.




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