New webinar series: Six email challenges, and how to meet them head on

A recent Pew study found that email remains a top communications and information tools among online workers. Research we carried out with Ragan confirmed that, for internal communicators, email is one of the most used and most effective channels.

Even with the proliferation of channel choices, email continues to have importance and value in the social age. But – and it’s a big one – there must be changes in how email is used within organizations.

So, I’ve created a new webinar series called IC Essentials. They’re geared specifically to communicators who want to improve their internal communications. In each of the six 20-minute webinars I’m going to show you tips and strategies to transform your email communications channel and overcome six common challenges.

Here are the six areas I’ll be talking about:

  • Personalizing your communications – The secret to engagement is treating your employees as individuals. By understanding your audiences and using content targeting you’ll deliver the types of email communications that really connect with each employee.
  • Information overload – Cutting through the inbox clutter is becoming increasingly difficult. The answer is creating and sending messages that provide the right information to the right audience at the right time.
  • Increasing channel effectiveness – Email can play a significant and measurable role in encouraging your colleagues to adopt other channels such as your intranet or social network.
  • Working in corporate silos – If you haven’t got a central view or control of all corporate communications across the business, you’re diluting the impact of your communications – and are guilty of adding to inbox clutter’. Working as a team decreases duplication and increases measurable engagement.
  • Reaching offline/mobile workers – Can you reach all employees in real-time – not just those at a desk? It is a very modern challenge for internal communicators. I’m going to show you how easy it actually is in today’s connected world.

Catch up on what you have missed in the series here:

  • Measurement – If you still count Outlook read receipts as a metric – you’re not measuring. I’m going to show you what real insight and measurement looks like – and how to prove ROI to your organization

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