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Newsweaver become a Gold sponsor for Intranet Now 2016


 — September 19th, 2016

Newsweaver become a Gold sponsor for Intranet Now 2016

We are delighted to be Gold sponsors for Intranet Now 2016. Newsweaver have launched a new Cross-Channel Analytics Solution for internal communicators to measure their internal communications and campaigns across intranet, email and video and are thrilled to participate in this event and get the opportunity to listen to the communicators discuss the digital workplace, content, communications, the intranet, and employee needs.

Last year I attended the Intranet Now conference and was amazed at how much wisdom was imparted in such a short time. On September 30th, at 2:32pm Mossy O’Mahony, VP of Product at Newsweaver is going to address a few fundamental questions about how communicators measure their impact, like - why is measuring business impact of intranets and ESNs so far behind external systems like marketing and e-commerce websites? Mossy’s talk is entitled “Getting past ‘so what’ metrics like page views and visits to show the business impact of intranets”.

Mossy will also be attending the World Café in the afternoon if anyone has any questions on intranets, metrics or proving business value for the organization. He will be very happy to provide attendees with guidance on how to enhance their communications and put IC in the heart of the organization.

Kieran Ivers, Enterprise Communications Specialist will also be in attendance and will host a workshop in the afternoon - "Measuring all of your key digital channels in one place for maximum insight". With the internal communicators channel toolkit ever expanding this interactive session will look at the tools currently available to internal communicators and address the challenge of how to gain maximum insight from a multi-channel communication approach.

Intranet Now, is all about having great conversations about work, within the workplace, internal communications and across the intranet. Intranet Now is a very dynamic conference, and those who attend are not just attendees but, each person is a participant allowing for dialogue and debate over the best way to communicate effectively. The day provides the opportunity to hear case studies and best practice and we look forward to some immense conversations with participants and hopefully we’ll provide answers to how you can measure and prove business impact.

If you want to join us grab a ticket long before the 30th September.

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