Newsweaver: One of Ireland’s best employers


 — November 13th, 2015

Newsweaver: One of Ireland’s best employers

Leading innovator has global corporation giants as clients.

A pioneering Irish high-tech company with global blue-chip clients has been named one of the country’s best employers.

Newsweaver, the groundbreaking communications technology company with clients such as Rolls Royce, Nike, Shell, GSK, amongst many more FTSE 100 and Fortune 1000 companies, has been shortlisted in the ‘Best Export Employer’ category of the prestigious Irish Exporters Association awards. It is also in the running for the ‘Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Exporter of the Year’ award at the Convention Centre in Dublin this Friday (November 13). The Cork-based company with a global reach is the leading international innovator in corporate internal communications, having revolutionized email technologies over the past three years.

Ranked in the top 300 fastest-growing technology companies in Europe and the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for five years in a row, Newsweaver was founded in Cork by Andrew O’Shaughnessy in 2002, when it had just six employees. It now employs 83 people, delivering cutting-edge communication solutions to major corporations in 96 countries, and it has significant expansion plans for next year. In addition to its Cork headquarters it also has offices in Boston.

International research has proven that effective employee communication is a leading indicator of financial performance and a driver of employee engagement. A Towers Watson Return On Investment (ROI) survey found companies that are highly effective communicators had 47% higher total returns to shareholders over the last five years compared with firms that are the least effective communicators.

Reacting to the awards recognition, Andrew O’Shaughnessy said that just like Newsweaver’s success to date, it was all about being able to successfully attract, train and retain highly skilled talent at a time when there was never more demand for such talent.

“This is a testament to Newsweaver’s culture and values. We have an exciting ambition and we have worked hard to build a unique entrepreneurial and innovative culture, one we believe is hardworking, exciting and full of opportunity”, he said. “The values are a key part of supporting this. We live what we believe in and that’s at the core of our success.”


From 2002 to 2011 our growth and business focus was primarily based on servicing the SME market in Ireland and the UK with our email marketing technology.

In 2011 a strategic decision was taken to re-orientate Newsweaver to position the company to become a global leader in an emerging technology sector, Internal Communication.

Through major investment in R&D and best-in-class staff recruitment, in 2012 we pioneered the development of a unique and innovative technology, Internal Connect, which now delivers relevant, targeted, engaging and measurable employee communications solutions to some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations, and has earned Newsweaver a worldwide market leader reputation, working with companies with workforces in excess of 1,000.

So how does Internal Connect work?

In essence, it’s a deceptively simple, easy-to-use but highly sophisticated technological solution to the complex internal communications challenges faced by large companies, and it adds measurable value to their bottom line.

Take the example of one of our customers. To get your head around the difficulty it faces in effectively communicating with its workforce, all you need are a few statistics to give an idea of the scale of the challenge: it’s a $400 billion company employing over 90,000 people in more than 70 countries across 24 different time zones.

Ordinary email or intranet technology falls well short of what is required to meet such a challenge. Issues as basic as the inability to assess employee engagement with internal company email - who’s reading emails and who is not - difficulties in targeting and segmenting communications across markets, countries and time zones; employee feedback deficiencies, have all served to mitigate against effective internal communications using traditional methods and technology.

Newsweaver’s Internal Connect, however, enables and provides:

  • Advanced Audience Segmentation – creating highly targeted employee lists, segmented by job title, location, seniority, language, time zones and more
  • Content Targeting – enabling personalized versions of the same email combining global and local content unique to the reader
  • Metrics Dashboard – which provides key performance results for every email and takes the guesswork out of a company’s internal communications, providing data that can be acted on
  • Click Maps – provides a ‘heat map’ of employee click activity, so that internal communications executives can make informed decisions about how to boost the visibility of important content
  • Social Features – providing companies to start a conversation with every communication sent. It encourages employees to participate, with ‘comments’, ‘ratings’ and ‘likes’ and also facilitates quick employee surveys and polls
  • Interactive Emails – which include video and other rich-media content for an engaging reader experience.

For further details contact:

Mairéad Maher
Head of Marketing

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