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Poppulo at the 2017 Internal Communications Conference, Berlin


 — December 20th, 2017

Poppulo at the 2017 Internal Communications Conference, Berlin

Poppulo's international itinerary this month took us to Berlin for a marvellous Internal Communications Conference, where we exchanged views and experiences with over 100 senior level like-minded internal communication professionals who had gathered together from all over Europe.

We shared real examples, great advice, and enlightened solutions throughout an agenda of interactive and engaging case studies, workshops and presentations. Day one was kicked off by Schneider Electric and how they created the One Communication Experience for a 150,000-strong workforce, which involved creating employee storytellers within the organization, integrating customer's experience into this storytelling, and training everyone to be a change facilitator to allow employees not only drive change, but to help shape it.

Smoothie ‘Froosh’ director, Anna Hagemann Rise, talked us through how directly involving employees in the brand journey and inviting them on trips to fruit farms was invaluable for creating loyal brand ambassadors which shines clearly on their social media platforms.

Having a positive connection between employees and the brand story is a clear indicator of how your company reputation is more strongly conveyed by your people and not your traditional methods of advertising.

Philip Morris International unveiled their plans for a smoke free future by designing smoke free products. To ensure their employees understood, supported and were able to explain this move, PMI created a transformation portal where their employees could learn all about the new product, it’s benefits and how to communicate this externally.

An important subject, presented by Poppulo’s Kieran Ivers, was how technology can be an excellent enabler for effective communication. Using the Celtic Tiger as an example, Kieran emphazised the importance of getting the right message to the right person at the right time.

If you align your technology with your organisational strategy and focus on communication measurement, the delivery of effective communication becomes much simpler to achieve.

Unhappy employees can be detrimental to a company, so it is essential that your internal communication strategy successfully delivers the message that you want your employees to receive and understand. Email might be the medium but the message is what you must focus on.

Outline your objectives, craft your message and then choose the channel that is most appropriate for you to deliver your message. The next significant topic was the new EU General Data Protection Regulation which is coming into effect in May 2018. This will have quite an impact on how internal communications is run and how personal data is stored. If you would like to know more about this, we have a comprehensive post about it here.

The main take away points of the conference were clear; prioritize your people and ensure they are engaged. Motivated, happy, engaged employees will feed directly into the success of the business. If your employees don’t believe or support your company then why should your customers? To create your perfect strategy, check out our ultimate guide to internal communication strategy.

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