Poppulo – COVID-19 customer update


 — March 19th, 2020

Poppulo – COVID-19 customer update

The following is a Covid-19 communication to Poppulo customers sent on March 18, 2020.

I am writing to share with you how Poppulo is continuing to respond to the challenges of COVID-19 and our contingencies to ensure continuity for your business.

Because of the critical role Internal Communication is playing for business survival during this time of unprecedented global turmoil, we understand the important role our company plays in providing a secure, reliable and scalable communication software application. Poppulo continues to invest in our product and people during these unsettling times.

How we Prepared

As a global business providing critical Internal Communications, we continually stress test and revise our business continuity plans (including home working). We have successfully leveraged our ISO 27001 certified Business Continuity strategy to ensure Poppulo key teams are split and geographically isolated to minimize the risk of staff exposure to COVID-19 and ensure the highest level of Customer Support.

We are Ready to Support you

We have noticed that customers are using our platform more in the last two weeks and the increase in activity is due to increased communications on the COVID-19 virus. Our engineering teams have increased systems capacity to deal with the extra load and are constantly calibrating this in anticipation of further demand.

We have heavily invested in our Customer Service systems such as SalesForce, VOIP based phone systems, Intercom and Slack. We are experiencing high levels of support calls and there may be call quality issues as we adjust our phone systems to home working however we are implementing changes to address any potential issues. We will continue to provide support Monday to Friday 6am to 2am GMT through both phone and email. We combine this with many more online resources:

  • Our Comprehensive Knowledge Base
  • Poppulo System Status Page
  • Your Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • On-Demand and Live Training Webinars
  • Dedicated Phone Numbers
    • User Support UK 0800 085 6388
    • User Support US 781 443 7600
    • User Support IRL 1800 80 61 61
    • User Support Intl. +353 21 242 7277
  • Dedicated Email - support@poppulo.com

How we are supporting the IC, IT and HR community

We have set up a virtual community to facilitate an interactive discussion that will leverage IC and HR expert knowledge, and draw on the experience of our customers and partners, so we can all help each other through this crisis.

Your participation in this conversation would be a valued contribution.

Further, beginning today, we are running a special series of Covid-19-related webinars that you can register for and listen to on the day or download afterward.

You will also find relevant Covid-19 blogs and other emerging learnings on the resources section of our website.

Additional resources that we have created to assist you include Covid-19-specific Email Templates which you can access from the Poppulo Template Library from today.

Please contact me directly, or any member of my team, if you need clarity or any information on how we can help you in any way over the weeks and possibly months ahead.

In the meantime, on behalf of everybody here at Poppulo I wish you and your colleagues the very best for the challenges you face during this difficult time.

We’re with you and we’re there for you, whenever you need us.

With best regards,

Peter Lyon
VP Customer Success

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