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Poppulo Events Module Features, Benefits & Value


 — July 4th, 2017

Poppulo Events Module Features, Benefits & Value

Managing events is fast becoming a key part of the world of the internal communicator.

Town halls, conferences, webinars or even just getting a progressively disparate workforce in the same virtual hall together, now needs to be part and parcel of your communications skillset.

The Poppulo Events module can help you do just that.

It has been built consultatively over the past 2 years with IC professionals worldwide. The most powerful part of the tool is that it’s inbuilt as part of the application, so you don’t have to upload new lists or new logos. You don’t even have to leave your Poppulo account – it’s right there.

The key to successful change management: internal communication

Event promotion
If you have a town hall, webinar or virtual training that you want to promote and manage, you can do it through Poppulo. Branded email invitations allow your invitees to register online, stipulate preferences and add to their calendar. All within the safe and secure environment of Poppulo.

Multi-session events
Running training sessions or roadshows means you may want to offer a range of dates and times for people to sign up to attend. This is all part of the toolkit allowing you to offer multiple events under one campaign heading.

Automated registration
The responses are automated so you can see how many have responded, completed registration, are partially completed. You can nominate what registration details you want to collect which will be key in helping you manage logistics and planning.

Event reminders
This allows you to send follow-up emails to the right people at the right stage in their journey. So if they haven’t completed their registration you can remind them to do so, or if they have completed, you can send them a follow-up with further details on the event closer to the time. All as part of the same campaign.

Manage capacity
Save time doing the maths! You can limit capacity per event thus avoiding employee disappointment and it also goes a long way to helping you manage your event budgets.

Post event analysis
After your event, you can send people a follow-up with a survey to get feedback, or with links to videos, slides or whitepapers.

Coming soon to Poppulo Events Module
Save the Date
Too often, you will find yourself with a date in mind for an event, but with very little detail to offer your invitees. The new Save the Date function will enable you to kick off your Event campaign by sending out a quick message to your list that the recipient can add to their calendar. You can then follow it up with your event invitation in full once details of locations, timing, sessions etc have been confirmed.

If you have any questions about the Poppulo Events Module or want to find out about any other feature of the Poppulo Platform, please get in touch.

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